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Erica Antu
Erica Antu
Erica Antu

Erica Antu

Hahaha!!!!! Never know what mood you'll be in.

Ok yes this is my second pin about alcohol, I swear I'm not an alcoholic. It is just such a social thing, you know "no good story ever started with a salad." This is where my randomness comes in, I swear I can have a million emotions in one day. I love being random, I love saying and doing things just to gauge peoples reactions. My mom always wonder where I got my personality from, she always says "why are you like this, this isn't how I raised you." Yes in highschool I was a "yes ma'am" kind of girl, but now I'm an adult I've made friends, lost them, found love and have had my heart broken. I have had people completely make me feel humiliated. Is my humor a little gross? Yeah definitely but it is who I am. I can be a million different things, I love grabbing a sippy cup of something and randomly go on a day drinking road trip. Call up the girlfriends or even my brother and just do something, enjoy the day. You only live once, you're not a cat, you don't have 9 lives to get the nerve to do something. Just do it because you won't regret it, you will only just learn from it. Besides, being a pirate is way too fun to pass up!

Regilla ⚜ Zac Posen

Haha true

Supposedly from Little Mermaid. From Disney Couture Jewelry. Weird, right? & slightly awesome?

amazing moroccan sink via @Lonny Kronen Magazine

Vintage Black Lace Applique Mermaid Dress

Gold Heart Ring, Love, Sweetheart, Anniversary, Gift for Her, Hammered, Textured, Handmade on Etsy, $30.00

How This Man’s Epic Beard Saved A Duckling’s Life... this is so sweet :)