Basement Ideas

Basement Ideas

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One step, two step, red step, blue step...rainbow stairs.

12 Ideas To Spice Up Your Stairs

Crisp Architects - traditional - basement - new york - Crisp Architects » This basement PUB is amazing! Would you ever leave?!

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i need my basement to look like this!

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the perfect functional room for hanging out with friends. >> Great for basement space!

Our Second House | Young House Love
  • Vicki Trenholm
    Vicki Trenholm

    I like this seating

  • Suki Lotti
    Suki Lotti

    If you haven't checked out their console table behind their sectional, it's genius!

  • Jacqueline Rodriguez
    Jacqueline Rodriguez

    I love this room and these colors!

  • Donna Schneider
    Donna Schneider

    great color, really like this sectional

like the space for my basement redo!

Benjamin Moore Color Palette {for a basement}
  • Beth Schoenleber
    Beth Schoenleber

    Very nice design, and the color.

  • Kim MacKinnon
    Kim MacKinnon

    Love the paint

Who needs a studio space in the basement when you can do this?! :)

The Trophy Basement


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  • Susy Fifarek
    Susy Fifarek

    Hey! I can sell these pieces at my store!

  • Kathleen Neeland
    Kathleen Neeland

    The sofa and arrangement make quite a presence!


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  • Diane Balazs
    Diane Balazs

    So bright and cheery for a basement!

  • Jane Malonis
    Jane Malonis

    You mean basements that look like this actually exist on this planet?? Wow!

  • Amy Stewart
    Amy Stewart

    I'm going to try this!

  • Jennifer Markham
    Jennifer Markham

    one word...flood...

  • Rosa Charles
    Rosa Charles


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Property Search ‹ Liza Kaufman
  • Alex

    This is cool

  • Susan White
    Susan White

    Wow - that would be awesome! I don't think I'd ever go back upstairs.

  • Mary Gammoh
    Mary Gammoh

    I wish California homes had basements.

nice space for my basement

Basement for Entertaining
  • Jordana Stewart
    Jordana Stewart

    Love the colors!

  • Doreen Tolbert
    Doreen Tolbert

    Like this for basement or family room

  • Gina Word Grah
    Gina Word Grah

    Love the color

  • Pasketti Oohs
    Pasketti Oohs

    I love the simplicity of this.

  • Patricia Hill
    Patricia Hill

    Awesome basement!

fantastic use of a basement!

The Trophy Basement
  • Blessy Liquido
    Blessy Liquido

    Ooooo!! Nice!

  • Ry Mann
    Ry Mann

    Makes me want to start digging a basement

  • Neve


  • Destiny Henry
    Destiny Henry

    my hubby would love this

  • Mrs. Bryan
    Mrs. Bryan


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wonderful space for my studio

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  • Debbie O'Rourke
    Debbie O'Rourke

    What an amazing space!

Sherwin Williams halcyon green and balanced beige >> Would LOVE to redo my basement to look like this space! Those floors are beautiful!

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  • Sandra Knuth
    Sandra Knuth

    Pretty floot till basement flours.

  • Susan Valentin
    Susan Valentin


  • Karen Parr
    Karen Parr

    I could do this in our conservatory

  • Deborah Seaberg
    Deborah Seaberg

    I did my bedroom in halcyon green very calming

  • Noni Allen
    Noni Allen

    thanks for sharing paint color.this is what i'm going with in my den.

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Basement- mine will be mainly studio/darkroom space, but still the open-ness and lighting is great!

Traditional Family Room Design Ideas, Pictures, Remodel and Decor
  • Kimberly Best
    Kimberly Best

    Looks like a fun room

  • Rae Marie Dawson
    Rae Marie Dawson

    I would love for my basement to look like this one day!

  • Erin Kling
    Erin Kling

    Ooo... I love that color! Do you mind sharing the name and brand of the paint?

  • Sandy Sanchez-Ray
    Sandy Sanchez-Ray

    Would love to re-decorate our family room! Summer projee.

  • Doris Innes
    Doris Innes

    I would love to know the brand and color of the paint. I have a pool room very similar and the color is perfect

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Brown Paper Bag Floors... I do believe I might do this in my office/basement space... seems appropriate to have a paper floor!

Hallway Makeover
  • Tammy Boston
    Tammy Boston

    I've seen this done on the walls, but not the floor. What goes over the top to make it durable?

  • Carol Johnson
    Carol Johnson

    This looks great!

  • Shannon Lewis
    Shannon Lewis

    @ Tammy ~ Water based floor grade polyurethane. There is a link after the third pic that shows this being done to stairs. It explains a little more.

  • Jenny Dearth
    Jenny Dearth

    i did crinkled up tissue paper on walls, i like this too!!

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Modern, warm, loft-like, Basement
  • Denise Joye
    Denise Joye


  • Wanda Shivers
    Wanda Shivers

    Awesome love the floor

  • Carmen Werning
    Carmen Werning

    What flooring is this?

  • JC

    Makes me wish we had basements in FL! Beautiful added living space.


Basement Finishing Ideas for a Great Home | WXkaima
  • KP (Karin) Koser
    KP (Karin) Koser

    my basement could totally look like this!

a light airy basement

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  • Wanda Brannon
    Wanda Brannon

    I wish we could have basements in Florida. Unfortunately, in most places it would become an indoor swimming pool. :(

  • Michelle Hemingway
    Michelle Hemingway

    I wish my basement looked like this!

  • Marilyn

    Love it

  • Roberta Forrester
    Roberta Forrester

    hmm, the possibilities

  • Pam Barry
    Pam Barry

    beautiful extra space

nice space

beach house in the city: room tour: basement family room!
  • Becky Wagner-Stewart
    Becky Wagner-Stewart

    Looks so comfy for a basement space

  • Alycia Campbell
    Alycia Campbell


  • Lisiane Vaz
    Lisiane Vaz


the basement?

Basement Finishing Ideas for a Great Home | WXkaima
  • Asifa Rathur
    Asifa Rathur


  • Valerie Brown
    Valerie Brown

    Great lighting, makes it so nice!

  • Frannie Cheshire
    Frannie Cheshire


  • Brittany Bullock Culp
    Brittany Bullock Culp

    If only I had that much space in my basement! That is lovely!

  • Tasha Kay Douglass
    Tasha Kay Douglass

    Now that's not a scary basement at all.

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Inspiration Design Board: Basements | This Lovely Home
  • Sue Mangold
    Sue Mangold

    Kathy Verkuilen

  • Jen Neidert
    Jen Neidert

    What is the wall color. Love it

  • Sandra Deleon
    Sandra Deleon


  • Sue Van De Wyngaerde
    Sue Van De Wyngaerde

    my basement need to be this neat!

  • Donna Moore
    Donna Moore

    I NEED this basement! Love the wall color.

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  • Kimberly Osterloh
    Kimberly Osterloh

    wish my basement looked like this.

  • Jeanine Adams
    Jeanine Adams

    I love how clean and organized it is but I am not a fan of the couch facing the treadmill...


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  • Megan Gilliam
    Megan Gilliam

    I have been looking for that very ottoman, where did you find itr?

  • Lynn Lehman
    Lynn Lehman

    I have no idea, I just loved the look so I repinned it. I wish my basement looked like that!!

  • Helga Biggers
    Helga Biggers

    It must be a walk out basement

  • Carol Brown Fagan
    Carol Brown Fagan

    I love the colorful artwork with the white walls and fireplace !

  • Jamie Meyer Von Sossan
    Jamie Meyer Von Sossan

    Loving that rug! Any idea on where it came from?

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nice space

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  • Kari Siemens
    Kari Siemens

    Love the mix of styles.