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Granada, Avda. Doctor Olóriz nº 6  ·  Escuela de Diseño, Fotografía, Cámara, Ciclos de Informática y Modelado 3d #cursos #granada #arte #diseño #aprender #talleres #monográficos #interiores #imagen
Escuela Arte Granada
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VH1: Network Rebrand

By the brand had been largely unchanged for more than a decade. It was a successful run, but they recognized it was time for something fresh. Brand awareness was slipping as viewers had become increasingly more loyal to the shows than to the network.

When visiting the BUCK New York back in Orion Tait casually told me that they where changing the logo. That scared me a bit because I really loved the way…

How much life can you pump into a logo. We gave a heartbeat to the Pukkelpop logo 2015 in a minimalistic special-effects style. Much love to the people who made…

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Motionographer shares inspiring work and important news for the motion design, animation and visual effects communities.

Practice about logo branding. I like MTV.

This logo animation was created in my Multiplatform Media Brand Packaging class at SCAD.

From Motiongrapher "(.) Tendril relaunched their web presence today, joining the growing number of nimble, mid-sized shops repositioning themselves in response…

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Rocketgraph is a marketplace where developers can sell reports and analytics that pull data from the thousands of API& available out there. And we were asked…

A presentation of the on-air graphics created for HGTV. Music featured in the Director's Montage is "Butterfly" by Delicate Steve.

Broadcast branding and identity pitch for NatGeo channel showcasing the modular design key elements, ID`s, brand bug, fillers, transitions in a 2 min video edit.