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Conservation Concerns

Highlighting issues of priority in global efforts to preserve biodiversity including research projects and conservation campaigns.

Conservation Concerns

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Wolves in British Columbia, Canada are being killed as part of an ill-conceived plan to save endangered caribou. You can help give wolves a voice and protect them from hunters in helicopters. Follow the link to learn more.

Save B.C. Wolves

13 species we might have to say goodbye to in 2015: The world is losing dozens of species a day in what experts are calling the sixth mass extinction in Earth's history.

13 species we might have to say goodbye to in 2015

Forty percent. That’s the stunning population loss for polar bears in the southern Beaufort Sea. The news comes from a new study linking the dramatic decline in this polar bear subpopulation in northeast Alaska and Canada to a loss of sea ice due to climate change. Read on to learn more....

Canines Help Stop Wildlife Crime,reports WWF. Sniffer dogs—with their remarkable sense of smell—are increasingly part of a global effort to intercept illegal wildlife and wildlife products like ivory, rhino horns, sea turtles and pangolins smuggled through airports, shipping ports and public transpor

Canines and Contraband | Stories | WWF

Paying Brazil's farmers to conserve is smart economics! As biodiversity declines and species disappear, the roles they place in their local ecosystems will also disappear. Brazil's “payment for ecological services” (PES) program could offer a viable solution.

Lion cub recue in Kenya, recounted by Anne Kent Taylor a grantee of National Geographic's Big Cat Initiative. Heartwarming story reaffirming the value of strategic conservation efforts to the preservation of wildlife. Photo: Moses Manduku

Double your Donation for Big Cat Conservation! If you hurry you can help Panthera 'Leaders in Big Cat Conservation' reach their goal of raising $250,000 for the research and conservation of endangered cats worldwide. An incredible 100% of your donation is used in the field and for today only (#GivingTuesday) your gift will be matched (raising over $500,000) doubling your impact for these beautiful animals. Photo Credit: Phillip J. Briggs

Wildlife photographer Andy Rouse is renown for capturing riveting reflections of nature - the wild illuminated through images denoting the character and challenges of earths endangered species. This image symbolises the vanishing ice and its impact on polar bears. A spellbinding photo that serves to remind us of the sea bears plight for survival. Our efforts however small can help change this, learn more at: Polarbearsinterna...

A rising global demand for cashmere is putting the snow leopard and other native wildlife in Central Asia under threat, according to a new study. Read more on this story at BBC News – Cashmere trade threat to snow leopards and The Guardian – Snow leopards and wild yaks becoming ‘fashion victims’. View more images and videos of the snow leopard on ARKive.

What region of the world has the most imperiled mammals? Where are the most bird species found? And where are new amphibians being discovered? Indonesia and Malaysia is the answer to the first question; the Amazon, the second; and the Andes, the third. A new study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) has used global data on 21,000 mammals, birds, and amphibians to create magnificent maps that highlight missing priorities for conservation.

Africa's great cat, the magnificent lion, is facing a poaching crisis. A recent report co-authored by Panthera and a large team of lion biologists found that half of Africa's wild lion populations will approach extinction in the next 20-40 years. Help protect lions from poachers by making a contribution to Panthera's Anti-Poaching Campaign, and help stop the war on wildlife.

The best hope for grizzly bear recovery is to promote coexistence with the people who live near them. Defenders of Wildlife offers several proactive solutions and educational programs to help prevent conflicts between people and grizzlies that all-too-often result in the death of the bear. Learn more about how Defenders of Wildlife is protecting grizzlies at:

The world’s leading craft marketplace,, is complicit in selling endangered animal products including snow leopard fur! Poaching remains one of the main threats facing many endangered species such as the snow leopard. To help put an end to poaching, please sign this petition and ask Etsy's CEO Chad Dickerson to prohibit the listing of any product made with parts of endangered animals. Photo: Center for Nature and Society, Peking University / Shan Shui Conservation Center. Stop treating... - The Petition Site

A blond grizzly, known as the 'spirit bear,' was shot on May 22 in the Yukon. The shooting has sparked a social media campaign on Facebook that calls for a no-hunting corridor along all Yukon highways.

A groundbreaking study by UK’s leading wildlife organisations found that 60% of the species in the region are in decline. The ‘State of Nature’ report will launch at the Natural History Museum in London, with help from Sir Attenborough, who said “We should all be proud of the beauty we find on our own doorstep; from bluebells carpeting woodland floors and delicately patterned fritillary butterflies, to the graceful basking shark and the majestic golden eagle soaring over the Scottish mountains.”

The cutest face in the forest: Saving The Slow Loris. Join Paul Williams Photographer and Filmmaker with the BBC Natural History Unit, on a journey into the forests of Indonesia for a closer look at the timid but charaismatic Slow Loris. The article and endearing images highlight the value of conservation and wildlife resuce efforts across the Indonesian Islands and inspire hope for saving this rare species.

Help the Snow Leopard Trust win a major grant. The vital snow leopard habitat of Upper Spiti Valley in the Indian Himalayas is under threat! But with your help, this paradise can be restored before it is lost. The European Outdoor Conservation Association EOCA will award the grand to the project with the most votes, so please click on the image link and cast your ballot in support of the endangered snow leopard!

The Amur leopard is one of the most endangered big cats in the world, with only around 20 adults and 5-6 cubs counted in 2007. Although the Amur leopard is legally protected, greater efforts are needed to reduce poaching and educate local people. Find out more about conservation efforts for the Amur leopard at AMUR – Russian Amur Tiger and Leopard Conservation, WWF – Amur leopard and WCS – Amur leopard. See images and videos of the Amur leopard on ARKive.

CBS '60 Minutes' recently aired an exclusive update on Noca, the first female jaguar radio-collared through Panthera's Pantanal Jaguar Project, featured in a 2010 CBS story. Well worth a follow-up, the '60 Minutes' program highlighted the exciting birth of Noca's female cub, along with recent footage of her mating with a resident male. Noca's story represents a much larger success - a real recovery for jaguars across Panthera's sites in the Pantanal.

Today, there are no more than 880 mountain gorillas in the world. These are the closest living creatures to man after chimpanzees and baboons! The destruction of their habitat and poaching means that their days are numbered if we don’t act together now. For this reason WFF launched a fundraiser on to help rangers in their daily battle to protect gorillas. They funding goal was reached in just one day but you can still help them acheive even more! Follow this image link to contribute.

Between now and Earth Day April 22 2013, Earth Day Network will collect and display images of people, animals, and places directly affected or threatened by climate change and tell the world their stories. The organization will mobilize its extensive global network of Earth Day event organizers and other partners to help collect the images. But they’re also asking ordinary people to become “climate reporters” and send their pictures and stories that show The Face of Climate Change.

Meet HiFi, a wild male cheetah who comes catting around Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) on a regular basis. Maybe just like us, he’s looking for love? CCF’s mission is to save the cheetah in the wild. Show your wild side today by donating to CCF as part of our Valentine’s Day fundraiser!

Oil showdown in the Amazon: In the heart of Ecuador, a mega oil company is trying to turn the most pristine rainforest into an oil field. The Sani Isla Kichwa people are bravely resisting, and they have just asked for our help to save their home. Sign this petition now and share it widely -- if 1 million people sign, we’ll build a media storm that forces Correa to pull back.

Nature Picture Library supports Bite-Back, a charity which campaigns on behalf of sharks. Donating towards their campaign to stop restaurants in the UK serving shark-fin soup - each year more than 36 million sharks are killed for their fins. Follow the image link to view NPL's coverage on sharks and shark conservation. To find out more about Bite-Back's work, visit their website Photo: Blue Shark (Prionace glauca), Santa Maria, Azores. © Nuno Sa /

Google Helps WWF Stop Wildlife Crime. A new grant provides funding for state-of-the-art technology to protect tigers, rhinos and elephants. Follow this image link to read the full story.