Our chickens in their DIY chicken tunnel. We live in a residential area, so to keep the chickens protected from hawks, dogs and other predators (and to keep them out of our neighbor's yard) we hook up their portable play-pen to the run and let them range.

Chicken tunnels, free range eggs - credit Leslie Wray Doyle for this photo which has been circulating around the internet without any credit given.

Method of growing greens to feed chickens- the wire keeps them from completely destroying the plants.

Method of growing greens to feed chickens- bad link but I'm going to try to track it down because this is really smart!

Plant sunflowers around chicken coop for shade and seed for feed.

Chicken Blessings~"Blessings Of Farm Animals"~~They grew sunflowers up against the coop to help provide shade in the summer and the hens ate any bugs that came around.

Blue-laced Red Wyandotte I simply love these birds.

Blue Laced Wyandotte Large Fowl Hatching Eggs

List of chicken friendly plants for landscaping a chicken run. Includes planting zones.

Chicken Safe Plants [IMG] There are plenty of lists of toxic and unsafe plants for chickens, but it is very hard to find plant options that can be used in your chicken area.

Beating the Heat...I freeze watermelon halves and put them out on hot days. Also, shallow tubs of fresh cool water are good for cooling the ladies down.

Fresh Eggs Daily: Beating the Heat. I had no idea that roosters and hens liked water melon! but if it's hot enough, i guess anything that is wet and sweet will do!

Amish Whitewash for chicken coop interior: 1 gallon water; 2 pounds salt; 7 pounds hydrated lime. **The lime is fine so wear a respirator while mixing and gloves because it is caustic.** Use warm water, dissolve salt. Stir in lime until dissolved. Apply with sprayer or paint brush. Whitewash is not waterproof so use for indoors only. It is used to kill bacteria and vermin, to deodorize, and to brighten interiors.

Amish Whitewashing: Mixing whitewash to paint the inside of the chicken coop. It's non-toxic, and kills bacteria & insects. It's not a paint, it's a water, salt, & hydrated lime solution that you apply yearly.

How To Get Rid Of Chicken Mites - Cheap & All Natural Solution... Wood Ash! :)

Using wood ashes for your chickens saves money. (fireplace ash only, not BBQ coals, etc) and when needed, mix 2 parts ash to 1 part sand for the chickens to do their dust bathing. It keeps mites away. That and paint the coop with hydrated lime.

Chookipedia – Earth Garden

Chookipedia – Earth Garden

Urban Coop – Earth Garden

HEN PECKED Introducing new hens. Newcomers to the hen house are not welcomed as politely as a poultry keeper might wish.

Stylin' Silkie! Pic:  Alison M, 'Even More Chook Wisdom' by EG

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