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National Frozen Food Month

It's March National Frozen Food Month - 31 days of frozen facts and tips!

National Frozen Food Month

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Today is Day 31 - the last day of #MarchFrozenFoodMonth! We love everything that frozen food has to offer, especially the easy portion control.

It's Day 30! We love how easy it is to cook/bake/steam/heat frozen foods. No cooking or baking skills needed ;)

National Frozen Food Day is a real thing, all thanks to the late Pres. Ronald Reagan! #MarchFrozenFoodMonth

What would we do if the microwave was never invented? #MarchFrozenFoodMonth

Keep this important tip in mind when shopping for your favorite frozen products! #MarchFrozenFoodMonth

How often do you eat TV dinners? Only a few days left in #MarchFrozenFoodMonth!

Single-serving desserts, entrees, etc. allows everyone in the family to eat what they want! You can please every palate with one stop to the freezer aisle. #MarchFrozenFoodMonth

12 Reasons Why Frozen Foods Are Better - Easy Home Meals

Don't forget this important tip when cooking your frozen veggies!

Frozen Foods: The Nutritious Choice - Easy Home Meals

It's Day 23 of #MarchFrozenFoodMonth!!

Home - Easy Home Meals

A little bit of history: the late Murray Lender, founder of Lender’s Bagels, was instrumental in creating the first March Frozen Food Month 30 years ago!!

It's Day 21 of #MarchFrozenFoodMonth!! Frozen fish is always in season :)

What's your favorite snack found in the frozen food aisle?

Don't overcook your veggies!! #MarchFrozenFoodMonth

First in, first out! We're over halfway through #MarchFrozenFoodMonth!

Guidelines for the Storage of Frozen Foods - Easy Home Meals

Frozen fish are often flash frozen while still on the boat!

Flash Freezing: Fish - Easy Home Meals

It's Day 16 of #MarchFrozenFoodMonth! How many frozen meals do you eat a month?

It's Day 15 of #MarchFrozenFoodMonth. Spice up your life by trying the many worldly flavors you can find in the freezer aisle!

Frozen fruits and veggies last 8-12 months- how COOL! Remember they're always in season and last much longer than it's fresh counterparts! #MarchFrozenFoodMonth

Mr. Birdseye developed flash freezing because he wanted to find a way to eat fresh veggies in the winter and to move produce around without the risk of damage.

It's day 12 of #MarchFrozenFoodMonth!! Did you know frozen fruit, veggies and fish are all flash frozen? It's the most natural form of preservation.

Flash Freezing: Fish - Easy Home Meals

It's Day 11 of National Frozen Food Month. We love that frozen foods, especially fruits and veggies, are economically friendly!

Adding veggies makes it even more filling too!

These expert chefs use the highest quality ingredients to prepare frozen meals.

This includes options that cover snack time, breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, entertaining and specialty food occasions!

It's March 7th - time for another National Frozen Food Month tip! Don't forget to head home immediately after the supermarket and place all frozen foods in the freezer to ensure best quality!

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