Create Your Own Butterfly Garden

Butterfly Gardening Plan - create your own garden with this key map filled with the right plant combinations that attract butterflies

Dandelion Lotion Bars Recipe - a simple & wonderful use of these beautiful yellow flowers most consider 'weeds'

Dandelion Lotion Bars Recipe 1 part beeswax 1 part shea butter (or mango butter) 1 part dandelion infused oil

Teddy Bear Sunflowers * 18-24", full sun, drought tolerant, grows quickly and easily from seed, great for cut flowers.

Teddy bear Sunflowers, never heard of them. One of my favorite flowers, sunflowers. Love this teddy bear.

Purple Viking Potatoes Organic

Purple Viking Potatoes Organic for a Minnesota purple produce garden---perfect!

Rosa Bianca EggplantOrganic

A beautiful, round Italian heirloom with a rosy pink cast over a creamy white base. Meaty flesh has a good mild flavor and no bitterness. Great stuffed, sliced, or filled and rolled.Also available as a plant.

Purple Sun Carrots

How To Grow Purple Sun Carrots - Unlike other purple carrots, it has a striking strong purple color from skin to core.

image of Rosemary 'Baby PJ'

The National Arboretum's guide to winter-hardy varieties of rosemary. Tuscan Blue for a strongly upright plant, Herb cottage for a bushy plant with denser leaves. Arp is generally agreed to be the hardiest.

Blue Moon Honeyberry from Stark Bro's

Blue Moon™ Honeyberry from Stark Bro's

Blue Moon Honeyberry - Honeyberry Plants - Stark Bro's: "Very cold-tolerant — withstands temperatures as low as This hardy variety features lovely dark green foliage. Good for fresh eating or making preserves.

Georgia Jet Sweet Potatoes

Beautiful emerald green vines, dusky rose skin, and deep orange flesh that is meaty and sweet. Excellent for baking.

Flambo Bean Conventional & Organic

Dry shelling bean "Flambo" - so pretty! Purple flowers, fuschia pods, and stripey beans.