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    My favourite olive oil crackers get dressed up with anise seed for a dinner party - #recipe on the blog now!

    A #vegetarian dinner party for 8 - using fruit in every course because I have so much right now! The menu is on the blog!

    My new favourite #salad #recipe! Easy Peasy Organic - Rainbow Pasta Salad with Roasted Roots and Oven-Dried Tomatoes #vegetarian #vegan #gf #organic #eattherainbow

    Go ahead - cut the crusts off. Here's why it's VERY ok!

    Paid extra for that fresh, organic bread? Don't waste a single crust of it!

    Eat with your hands - why we should all do more of it! And some great foods to start with :)

    A vibrant pink soup based on beets and coconut milk from the great blog Golubka ♥

    Rachel's Cottage in Texas, Queensland. The perfect weekend getaway from Brisbane! #travel #holidays #countryQueensland

    Use up all those jack-o-lantern carvings! Simple and delicious #recipes to reduce waste this #halloween

    Best ever #Halloween pumpkin lasagne! Plus more delicious #recipes to use up jack-o-lantern carvings.

    DIY roasted pumpkin seeds - one of the best reasons to carve a jack-o-lantern this #halloween

    Miso *and* brown butter? Together with roasted eggplant and pasta? This is definitely on my MUST MAKE list thanks to Kate (Cookie + Kate) !

    living room rug - natural fibres for a warm, organic feel

    Why you should #travel more than you do - and yes, with the #kids! Inspiration to get out there and explore

    Carrot greens pesto - and other simple tips for choosing and using all those green-tops! #organic #health #fresh

    Smoothies by colour - at Green Kitchen Stories. So much variety!!

    Carrot salads - so bright, so healthy, so simple (and thrifty, too!) Recipes on the blog now

    Strawberry Cream Cheese "Sushi" from the new catherine gruntman McCord Lunches Cookbook + a review (GREAT BOOK!)

    Best ever green smoothie - no kale here! Tastes like zucchini cake and it's vegan, too

    Thinking outside our selves - and how #travel helps with that. A new #everydayphilosophy post on the blog