"Lunar Fruit" Art Print by J.P Ormiston on Society6.

Lunar Fruit Art Print

I want a drumbrella!

Rain Drum - Rain drum is an innovative umbrella that features various kinds of sound, making the most interesting amusement for user during rainy days. The Rain Drum umbrella is an idea of the designer Dong Min Park.

Star Girl

This work interests me because how the girl's hair and stars come together to form the top part of her body. The compositional balance the artist is using is her hair and body. The positive space would be her golden hair and the negative is the stars.

Jeremy Miranda

What a fantastic idea of collage! Adding a ladder to link the two worlds (Dream imagination surrealism Surreal art by Jeremy Miranda underwater world)

Awesome floor design

This is so Lucy's Designs I hope she sees this. She a mosaci and Peacock kinda of lady. Check her out on FB .Peacock floor tile mosaic, AH mayz zing

Viking Swords at Stavanger Sword Monument, Stavanger, Norway

A Rightous Monument. Stavanger Swords Monument in Norway, photo by Jim Boud

Whimsical Doorway

Whimsical Doorway i think it'd be sweet as an entrance to like a green house or a back door to the patio

Piano Door Bell. Now you can announce your arrival with your very own theme tune.

Knock Knock! Who's There? The Pianobell

Although the tone of the doorbell is not as monotonous as before, it is still different from piano. However, China's designer Li Jianye gives us a piano doorbell. This product has several piano keys which allow the guest to play what ever tone he likes.

Biodegradable Orange Birdfeeder

Fun project to do with kids or friends or yourself! Biodegradable orange bird feeder - clever idea from Rhythm of the Home Summer 2010

By David Zinn in Michigan, USA.

He works on the street in Ann Arbor Michigan. He should illustrate children's books as the man (David Zinn) is amazing. David Zinn is an artist from Michigan. He runs around all day in the streets .

Clay Art and Jewelry by Audra Phillips

Time on a bottle. Complete with antique gizmos, watch gears and metal bits. Ready to hold your most precious treasures. Sculpted out of polymer clay, baked and painted. by Audra Phillips

Amy Casey

An architect of the impossible, Amy Casey (featured back in Hi-Fructose Vol. uses houses as building blocks for her compositions. Her acrylic paintings on panel and paper stack buildings in geom…