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books books books

closet / office

  • Murrie Burnett
    Murrie Burnett

    I love the color of the ceiling & walls.

shoe shelves + makeup station

  • Kylee Bildner-Gray
    Kylee Bildner-Gray

    I'm in love!!


Lauren Conrad’s Exclusive Office Makeover

organized rainbow

  • Naomi Deane
    Naomi Deane

    What! Who has that many accessories!?! OMG

  • Sajinee Fernando
    Sajinee Fernando

    Kara Dekko Reminds me of you. Miss you :)


  • Juliana de Paula
    Juliana de Paula


  • Mersida Dedeic
    Mersida Dedeic


  • Svetlana Djordjevic
    Svetlana Djordjevic

    beautiful and brilliant...the same way as each of this hats

white shelves

denim stacks

Show off your shoe collection.

  • Hayley Cotton
    Hayley Cotton

    umm yes

  • Millicent Pitts
    Millicent Pitts

    too much dusting!

  • Cassie Woods
    Cassie Woods

    My husband would kill me. I love it tho

  • Pattern Worx
    Pattern Worx

    I wish

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jewelry storage

  • Sarah Shanahan (Sarah's House)
    Sarah Shanahan (Sarah's House)

    Love this Miriam Honner xx

tray styling

TRAY STYLING 5 Quick & Easy Tips

shoes and more shoes

  • Candice Lyons
    Candice Lyons

    Died and gone to heaven....

  • Lisa B.
    Lisa B.

    Shoe heaven!

  • LegalAlien



  • Jurgita Caballero
    Jurgita Caballero

    love it!

  • Viola Paiz
    Viola Paiz

    I need this I have alot of shoes I forget I have

  • Sarah Coulter
    Sarah Coulter

    I have lots of shoes and could fill it

  • Eddina Symns
    Eddina Symns

    Shoes look good, too........ But it's the closet I love.

  • Sandra Suffle-Fuentes
    Sandra Suffle-Fuentes

    I would have to buy more shoes . Yes!

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  • Kocca "Enjoy everyday"
    Kocca "Enjoy everyday"

    The dream of every girl!

  • Rebecca Benitez Lopez
    Rebecca Benitez Lopez

    I need one of these!

Proper shoe storage #storage #shelving #decor

  • Dianne Thomas
    Dianne Thomas

    Oooohh , I love it !!

  • Victorya Caballero
    Victorya Caballero

    A must for every woman's closet! I adore! ♥♥

  • Lynnette Scofield
    Lynnette Scofield

    A girl can dream.....

  • Melissa Hayes
    Melissa Hayes

    I wish!

  • Laura Bianchi Payne
    Laura Bianchi Payne


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shady storage

Yvonne Koné › Inside/2

a perfectly assorted vanity top

  • M. Torbeck
    M. Torbeck

    Daisy by Marc Jacobs is the only modern perfum I see. But nicely sorted and beautiful pictured!


    I spy marc Jacobs and channel!

  • Erica Parrott
    Erica Parrott

    Daisy is my second favorite scent (after Parisienne by YSL)

  • Kristin Hall
    Kristin Hall

    How bout...hollywood, flora..for modern.That comment made me sad!

  • Andii Lee
    Andii Lee

    absolutely gorgeous!

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  • Stylebook Closet App
    Stylebook Closet App

    drawer dividers make all the difference! Now this closet needs shelf divider or two to keep those clutches in order.

  • Amy Kat
    Amy Kat

    Amazing! Love all the colors and textures! Wish I was this organized lol.

  • Sarah Hill
    Sarah Hill

    This is how you ACCESSORIZE! ! !

  • thedailystylist

    Get The Daily Stylist for a better morning -

hat storage mixed with sculpture

  • Stylebook Closet App
    Stylebook Closet App

    I love the idea of treating an accessory collection as art! It really brings personal style into your home.

  • Elizabeth Hannum
    Elizabeth Hannum

    I am going to be trying this tonight in my closet - LOVE!

  • Alexandra Martinez
    Alexandra Martinez

    Maybe with protecting Covers!....

  • Vanda Santos
    Vanda Santos

    I do the same at my house, with the hats!

  • Sylvia Melson
    Sylvia Melson

    That looks like my closet but with more hats!

hat storage

eat.sleep.wear. – Fashion & Lifestyle Blog by Kimberly Pesch

shoe storage

eat.sleep.wear. – Fashion & Lifestyle Blog by Kimberly Pesch
  • Linda Bryan
    Linda Bryan

    I so need this all over my house!

  • Dionne Jacques
    Dionne Jacques

    It would have to be all over my house, too! LOL. I own more shoes than I could wear in a year...or more.

  • The Yellow Project
    The Yellow Project

    only if my husband enjoyed this idea just as much ;)

  • This is Shameka
    This is Shameka

    I really like this closet looks like it threw up shoes. I really need it to be organized like this.

wall display

B L O O D A N D C H A M P A G N E . C O M

to organize jewels

August, 2012 - Matchbook Magazine
  • Jodie Keast
    Jodie Keast


  • Sylvia Melson
    Sylvia Melson

    Its practical and beautiful at the same time

cheap bookcases for shoes in closet

  • CherylGreen Creative
    CherylGreen Creative

    Oh, to have an extra room in a NYC apartment to convert into a book shelved closet...

  • Colleen Wilkins Collins
    Colleen Wilkins Collins

    Makes me drool

  • Charmaine Wilson
    Charmaine Wilson

    A half size unit for me...great idea!

  • Style Plus Resale
    Style Plus Resale

    Great Idea!!!!!!

  • Diane Schiff
    Diane Schiff

    Awesome idea! I can fill it up easily ❤️

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