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Chicken Stuffed with Mozzarella, Tomato and Basil Recipe

**Great recipe, I left out the tomatoes. Requires some prep time but pretty easy and quick** Hasselback chicken stuffed with mozzarella, tomato and basil is a new way to enjoy chicken for dinner tonight from Walking on Sunshine Recipes.

There are only 5-Ingredients in this slow cooker steak fajitas recipe.

There are only in this slow cooker steak fajitas recipe. I used 5 pounds of chuck steak for 16 people

Updo with Cornrows and Rope Twists

Let’s be honest about this, there are new and improved ways to wear cornrows and braids hitting the hair style scene all the time and just when we think we’re all caught up w

20 Metabolism Boosting Foods That Burn fat Away.

Your metabolism is the rate at which your body naturally burns energy, i. calories, while performing routine chemical reactions and process that keep you breathing throughout the course of a day.

Love this hairstyle for little girls

Love this hairstyle for little girls - Looking for Hair Extensions to refresh your hair look instantly? focus on offering premium quality remy clip in hair.