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DIY Nail Soak For Longer, Stronger Nails

DIY Nail Soak For Longer, Stronger Nails

At Home Pedicure: Step By Step Infographic For DYI Enthusiasts

A good pedicure done by a professional pedicurist can be considered the ultimate treat but not everyone can afford it every month. Whether you can afford the professional pedicure or not, why don’t you give a DYI pedicure a try.

When it comes to styling hair, you simply cannot go wrong with braids. Whether your hair is long and thick or medium length and thin, whether it's summer or winter, braids are perfect for any time and situation. Adorn your braid with

Science Says This Is The Ultimate US Road Trip You Can Possibly Take

Don& know where to go on your next family road trip? Let your computer decide for you! At least that& what two people did when they decided to plan the a road trip to see the entire United States.

Concealer seems like it should be super simple: dab a little bit on the pimples and blemishes you want to hide, blend it in, look #flawless. Unfortunately, as with most makeup products, it isn’t always that easy – especially for beginners. Between the different types of concealers out there (should you use a stick? A liquid? A powder? A pencil?!), the hundreds of different brands and prices (will drugstore concealers suffice or should you splurge?)

Color correcting makeup is the newest makeup trend that can elevate your beauty routine. Concealers that correct redness and blemishes can give you a flawless complexion, so here is why you should try color correcting products now!