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Wibbly-Wobbly, Timey-Wimey... Stuff.

Whovians couldn't resist.

Woah!!! I love this quote. So inspirational. Seriously crying.

Lol doctor who love story

The spelling is atrocious, however the heart of it is true. <-- ditto

Wow.. didn't see that… o.O

  • Anessa Lyons

    Not the same person...

  • Anne Karoline

    It isn't? I'd like proof either way.

  • Emily Booher

    I did look on IMDB, and they were different actresses. The similarities are uncanny, though.

  • Anessa Lyons

    Lorna Bucket, played by Christina Chong, was from the Gamma Forests. She encountered The Doctor as a child, and he told her to run. She became a soldier and died in the battle of Demons Run. Osgood, played by Ingrid Oliver, was a scientist who worked for UNIT.

  • Anne Karoline

    Thanks a bunch! :)

I always know...

This is officially the best knock knock joke ever.

Well this would be true if Matt wasn't regenerating. Now all I want for Christmas is Who and some tissues and chocolate -_-

No one loves Christmas more than Wilfred