pink ballet shoes

Pink Toe Shoes, Listen honey, if a gal has to bunch up her toes into ballet shoes, for goodness sakes, let them be hot pink!

Pink Swarovski Crystal Piano

Pink Swarovski Crystal Piano, what a fabulous idea, adding sparkle to your favourite musical instrument.

beautiful pink

Dahlias always remind me of my Grandma.she used to grow the most beautiful dinner plate dahlias in her backyard! Lots of other beautiful flowers and veggies, but her dahlias were AMAZING!

Pink Pink Pink!

i like the scarf, the idea of a pink starfish necklace, the bag, and the idea of pink sandals but not a white dress or the accessories

Pink candy

This site has a grand selection of bulk candy! Reasonable prices too! I had this at my wedding. The only thing I didn't get to enjoy it! Didn't get to enjoy a lot of things at my wedding.

Beautiful pink trees!!

Cherry Brick Road, Bonn, Germany --a very romantic view. Bonn was the capital of the Federal Republic of Germany until 1990 when Berlin took its place. Bonn is the birthplace of the German music composer Ludwig van Beethoven.

pink umbrella.

I love the rose colored lamp glass in Venice. They color the night w/ romance. *photo by ines seppi ~ Piazza San Marco, Venice, Italy

china stack lamp.!


Floor lamp made from teacups teapots and other crockery for a familiar pink room. It's tea time!

All Things Pink

Pink Panther, one of my favorite cartoons and my high school class mascot ;