abyss ©ebrusidar

Abyss: by Ebru Sidar

the Wrath of the gods ©ebrusidar

Ebru Sidar's online photographs gallery, art photographer at Ankara, Turkey.

Pyrénées ©ebrusidar

Landscapes favourites by McKenzie-James on DeviantArt

tahe the right side ©ebrusidar

Ebru Sidar was born on 13 January 1975 in Trabzon. Since her parents were bankers, she traveled to many cities in Turkey and then moved to Ankara where she is still living. She graduated from Ankara University as a Geology Engineer.

the Call ©ebrusidar

The Call by Ebru Sidar

Forever ©ebrusidar

Ebru Sidar is a passionate photographer was born on 13 January 1975 in Trabzon, Turkey. She sees traditionalism as an obstacle to photography’s advancement and avoids using themes such as exploitation, religion and politics in her pictures.

little Fears ©ebrusidar

to buy a limited fine-art signed print [link] © Ebru SİDAR. little fears

Before Darkness ©ebrusidar

Before Darkness, photographie de Ebru Sidar

Don't stop ©ebrusidar

"Don't Stop" Copyright © Ebru Sidar (Turkey), All rights reserved. This artwork cant be used without written consent from its author.

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