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    FFL in Calif - Loves to hear about firearms enthusiasts find interesting.

    Henry U.S. Survival AT-7 .22LR. Water-proof and compact. Shoots well enough!

    wow, moved 2nd KRISS Vector (this one's a rifle w/ 'fake' can) in < 90 days.

    TSA finds gun parts in stuffed animals in Child's Carry-On. And who said Jericho 941's were hard to find?! Bullets in mag too.

    Facebook Page Timeline for Business presented by Martin Brossman

    The importance and knowledge to reload your own bullets.

    Steyr AUG/A3 .223 is civilian version of Steyr AUG1 bullpup 5.56

    Serbu Super-Shorty AOW, 6.5" barrel, 12-gauge pump shotgun

    24karat Gold Tiger Stripe Desert Eagle 50AE - hmmmmmm...I dunno.

    A Manifesto For Creativity In The Digital Age

    SigSauer P220 Super Match .45ACP, single action only trigger system

    The ATF request is ILLEGAL! - Alaska Gun Shop Battles with ATF over Strange Request

    L.A.R.'s Grizzly Mark V, .50

    11 steps to fascism... 1,2,4,6 and 10 Check!... we are half way there!!

    Rossi Ranch Hand: Lever-action .45LC pistol. "Old West" thinking when it made sense to have a pistol and a rifle that shot the same caliber.

    Finger off the trigger, Pablo!... I like your pottery ;-)

    Took .45 thru femur. Read his story and ALWAYS be vigilant wrt gun safety.

    Movie trailer - Lord of the Flies meets zombie apocalypse meets kids with nerves of steel!

    EAA Witness .45ACP, Tanfoglio from Italia's Valley of the Gun.