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    DIY Halloween Costume: Zorro - Wear all black for this one. Get an eye mask and a wide rim black hat (craft or costume store). Carry around a fake sword for the extra effect.

    DIY Halloween Costume: Woody from Toy Story - You will need: jeans, cowboy boots, yellow button up, red handkerchief to wear around your neck, cowboy hat and a brown vest.

    DIY Halloween Costume: Witch - Paint your hands and face green. For the hat, go to Wal-Mart or the Dollar Store and pick up a child’s witch hat. There usually come with a chin strap so even if they don’t fit perfectly the strap will hold it on! And children’s sizes are always cheaper. Then throw on a black pea coat buttoned all the way up and grab a broom from the utility closet to finish off this classic.

    DIY Halloween Costume: Where's Waldo? - Easy, classic costume. Take a long-sleeved white tee and paint horizontal red stripes on it. Find a red hat with a ball on top and paint everything but the ball and the edges white. Add a pair of jeans and some Harry Potter-like glasses.

    DIY Halloween Costume: VMA Miley Cyrus - REQUIREMENT: Must be proficient at twerking. You have two wardrobe options here: 1. Wear a nude bra and nude spandex shorts, spike hair and purchase a foam finger to dance around with all night. 2. Buy a gray one piece swimsuit or leotard and some fabric paint. Paint a crazy face on the middle and 2 pink dots above that. For both you’ll want to wear some white tennis shoes.

    DIY Halloween Costume: The Typical Tourist - The classic tourist finds themselves in a Hawaiian shirt, khaki or cargo shorts, sunglasses, and the most essential fanny pack. Goodwill is a savior again! Head over to the Goodwill and look for the most gaudy Hawaiian shirt you can find, the fanny pack that lets you pack the most, and the biggest most retro pair of glasses on the shelf. Grab your dad’s high dress socks and your favorite pair of sandals! Don’t forget your camera!

    DIY Halloween Costume:Toddlers in Tiaras - Wear a big fluffy tutu or a poofy dress, ruffle socks and white shoes. Get a crown, a sash, and do your hair really big. Walk around with a pacifier for a final touch.

    DIY Halloween Costume: Tinman - This costume is sure to please and easy to make! Take an old pair of jeans and paint them silver. Then paint your body and face silver. Throw a silver funnel upside down on your head, and you’re done!

    DIY Halloween Costume: Thing 1, Thing 2 - Get Einstein wigs and spray them with blue hair spray. Find matching red skirts and tank tops. Use white felt and a permanent marker to create the Thing 1 and Thing 2 circles and then you can either hot glue them to the tank tops or put ribbon on them and wear them around your neck. Add red shoes, fishnets, red gloves and a funky pair of sunglasses to complete the look.

    DIY Halloween Costume: Taylor Swift - Taylor makes being awesome look effortless sometimes which makes dressing up as her easier than you think. Grab some black shorts, your favorite screen tee (bonus if it has some Taylor lyrics or anything about a cat on it), red lipstick, pretty flats and some bold sunglasses to create this look. If you’re not blonde, you of course want to pick up a blonde wig as well.

    DIY Halloween Costume: Taco Bell Sauce - This one can be done solo or as a group. All you need is a really cheap strapless dress (Target cover-ups work great for this), or a colored t-shirt for guys, and colorful duct tape. Put the dress/shirt on and wrap it with the color of your choice. Yellow for mild, orange for hot, green for verde etc. Paint the name of the sauce in white across the top and a white square in the middle. In black write a “saucy” quote (get it?).

    DIY Halloween Costume: Snooki - All you truly need is a comb and a full bottle of hairspray! Ladies, grab your shortest, tightest dress. Make sure your push up bra is ready to go! Cover yourself in pounds of bronzer. Poof your hair! Tease, tease, tease your hair! Lots of hairspray! Lots of dark makeup! Throw on your favorite pair of slippers and make a margarita to go. Now you’re ready to fist pump all night long!

    DIY Halloween Costume: Smurf - For this costume you will need white pants, blue body paint, and a Smurf hat. You can purchase the hat for about $13 at several places online. Paint your face and hands blue, put on your clothes, and add the hat. You are now officially a Smurf! Watch out for people dressed as Gargamel.

    DIY Halloween Costume: Russell from UP - you will need a yellow hat, a yellow shirt, khaki shorts, mid-calf socks, a pair of brown shoes, an orange hanker chief, a back pack and an orange pennant flag. Pick up a couple different colors of felt and cut circles for his badges. His wilderness explorer logo is on his hat, shirt and flag. Recreate it using fabric markers or print it off to glue on. You can also add a bundle of helium balloons if you want!

    DIY Halloween Costume: Robot - You will need 2 large cardboard boxes, 1 small cardboard box, aluminum foil, and some flexible duct vent material. Cut hole in the boxes for your arms and legs; add another box to your face (with a big hole cut out). Cover all the boxes with aluminum foil. Use duct venting for your arms and legs, making sure they are properly connected to the boxes.

    DIY Halloween Costume: Robin - First things first, you need an eye mask- you can get this at a craft store. Wear a long sleeve green shirt, with a red t-shirt over it. Wear red underwear over black pants/leggings or spray paint jeans green. Get black felt (from the craft store), cut out a big R and glue it on your shirt.

    DIY Halloween Costume: Rainbow - For this you need a white shirt, white pants, and paint in all the colors of the rainbow. Paint your shirt and pants in the order of colors on the rainbow. In case you forgot, it’s ROY G. BIV!

    DIY Halloween Costume: Quail Man - Throw on a pair of khaki shorts. Put on a green t-shirt. Grab a pair of tighty whities and put them on over your shorts and tuck your green shirt into the underwear. With red tape, tape the letter Q to your shirt. Take a red bath towel and tie it around your neck to make a cape. To add the perfect finishing touch, take a brown belt and fasten it around your forehead.

    DIY Halloween Costume: Prisoner - For this costume you will need a white long sleeve shirt and white pants. Use a permanent marker to draw horizontal black stripes across the entire outfit. Don’t forget to leave white space on the upper left chest to write in your inmate number. Finish this costume with a pair of handcuffs or a ball and chain!

    DIY Halloween Costume: Pirate - Arrgh matey! Take some white pants and use black electric tape to make them striped. Then grab a large white dress shirt and add a black vest. Use a piece of red ribbon to tie around your waist as a belt. Don’t forget your eye patch, sword, and pirate hat!

    DIY Halloween Costume: Pink Lady - What girl doesn’t want to be a Pink Lady after seeing the movie Grease? You will need some black, tight pants, a shiny, pink jacket (of course!) and some heels. Write or stitch Pink Ladies on the back of your jacket. Spice up your look with some glasses, a scarf or a hairband. Make sure to have major attitude all night! You and your girls are the bees knees!

    DIY Halloween Costume: Oscar the Grouch - This costume requires green pants, a green shirt, green paint, suspenders, and a metal trash can. Put on the green clothes and paint any part of your body that isn’t covered green. Next cut the bottom out of the metal trash can so that you can step into it. Use the suspenders to hold the trash can up.