• 127 Pins - Fine Art | From American Artist Sol LeWitt: "Black Bands in Two Directions" 1991

Sol LeWitt - Black Bands in Two Directions |

Artist Spotlight Series: Catherine Jones | The English Room

Artist Spotlight Series: Catherine Jones

Pablo Picasso in front of his painting Guernica, Paris, 1937

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Max Bill

Max Bill Print - Combillation Orange

Barnett Newman, Voice of Fire, 1967

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BMW Art Car by Jeff Koons

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'BMW art car 320 group 5' by roy lichtenstein, 1977.

BMW art car collection at art drive! in london

Andy Warhol was commissioned to paint this 1979 M1 for the famed 24 hours at Le Mans. The car was driven to a second place finish by Manfred Winkelhock, Marcel Mignot and the creator of the BMW Art Car program, Hevré Poulain.

Car Art: By Warhol, Calder and More - Photo Essays

BMW Art Car by Alexander Calder

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Frank Stella, Chocorua 1, 1965-66, Acrylic on canvas

Chocorua 1 | LACMA Collections

Frank Stella Empress of India II, from V series, 1968

vjeranski | FRANK STELLA Empress of India II, from V series,...

Max Bill / Marlborough-Godard Surfaces

Marlborough-Godard Surfaces (hand-signed) by Bill, Max | Vintage Posters at International Poster Gallery

Max Bill

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Carlo Vivarelli (Swiss, 1919-1986) - Untitled, 1964

90: Carlo Vivarelli, Untitled : Lot 90

Paul Kremer

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Frank Stella Art Experience NYC www.artexperience...

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Red/Green/Yellow + Painting, 1983. Minimalist - Since the beginning of his career in the mid-‘60s, Robert Mangold (b. 1937 NY) has combined the classic elements of composition—shape, line, and color—to create abstract works of architectural scale, drawing by hand thick and thin graphite lines on subtly modulated planes of color.

Cave to Canvas, Robert Mangold, Red/Green/Yellow + Painting, 1983

Fractions #17 1960 / Frederick Hammersley (1919-2009) was a critically acclaimed American abstract painter whose participation in the landmark 1959 Four Abstract Classicists exhibit secured his place in art history, as the first "hard edge" artists. He painted cool abstractions which were very different from the emotional ones of the established abstract expressionist movement.

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Frederick Hammersley, Ebb Tied (1978) 12 1/2" squares would make this crib sized

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Frederick Hammersley - On in (1961), oil on linen.

Four Abstract Classicists | LACMA

Ellsworth Kelly

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Mark Rothko Untitled, 1957-63

Mark Rothko Untitled, 1957-63 Öl auf Leinwand... - /

Robert Rauschenberg.

bricolage | justanothermasterpiece: Robert Rauschenberg.


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