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You know why

You know why

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I should make a t like this for my roommate as a graduation gift LOL!

Dishonor On You | HUMAN

I've been watching this for a good 5 min

The best part about it was that all day I got guys asking “who are you supposed to be?” And I just kept saying “Why are you such a skeez? you can go shave your back now.” And then all the girls were like “OMG REGINA!” and I would be like “Why are you so obsessed with me??” ^^^ lol this caption


That’s a movie I would watch…

Beer pong battle ship hack - AWESOME! take a shot when a ship is sunk. dear god.

More Life Ideas Here - Life Hackable

Haha it's true!

Why Do You Want to See Our Children Cry?

Okay, anyone who has seen Bridesmaids knows how the sentence ends...and I'm shitting in the street. Inappropriate and so hilarious.

Life isn't a fairytale. If you lose your shoe at midnight you might want to slow down on the tequila. | Drinking Ecard

Maggie Smith as Lady Grantham | Content in a Cottage I miss watching Downton Abbey on Sunday nights, don't you?

Maggie Smith as Lady Grantham | Content in a Cottage

Try saying one of these things once a day and see how many people you can make smile!

Love this movie! Love this quote.

I can't stop laughing...ballet isnt for everyone... oh my goodness.. it hurts..someone help this poor child!!


Jeanine and Jason - If it kills me

Kristen Wiig. Comedy icon. Thanks for being brilliant.

....oh yes

Yes!! Go VCR!!

Funny Picture Dump Of The Day – 63 Pics

Aw shucks.

Disney cast. This is brilliant.

just a couple of jokers. (Jack, Heath, Batman)

Nerd Approved – News For Nerds

Grace Kelly

RTR!!! This is Alabama Football