Erupting Pumpkins Experiment for Kids- this FUN activity brings Fall & Science together in a way that kids LOVE!

Erupting Pumpkins Experiment for Kids ~ Growing A Jeweled Rose

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Classroom management & bathroom procedures! This system has been highly motivating for my students & helped eliminate wasted bathroom time during class time! Soaring Through Second

Soaring Through Second Grade: bathroom procedures

Have you ever met a preschooler who didn’t love music? Maybe I’m wrong, but I think every little kid is drawn to music. There’s something about it that draws them in and points their attention at whoever is making music. Over the summer I took a class on early childhood transitions with a lot of …

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Managing interruptions during the read-aloud experience

Five Classroom Management Games Kids LOVE! | Heidi Songs

Hocus Pocus...Everybody Focus! Call and response Attention Grabbers! Great strategy for classroom management. Free Printable from Hereen's Happenings.

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Dr. Jean Tips and tricks for getting children's attention - good stuff!

Kindergarten Crayons: Dr. Jean's Transition Song

Classroom Organization: Line Up Chants and Calendar Time Songs: I need to adapt this to my content strands for middle school, but I think it will be a great teaching strategy

Classroom Organization: Line Up Chants and Calendar Time Songs

Crossing the Midline with Fingerplays develop Crossing the Midline, self regulation, oral language, transitions, classroom management

15 Fabulous Fingerplays and Facts | Pre-K Pages

A behavior chart different from the clip chart. I like her ideas, but truth is, I'm a die hard clip chart-er. Re-pinned for the "fun Friday" reward idea

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6 Fun and Simple Hallway Transitions {Printable} - KindergartenWorks

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Ideas for Lining Up Your Class - has a freebie with cards to use for creative ways to line up.

Ideas for Lining Up Your Class - PreKinders

a really fun idea for classroom management/transitions... the "action cup!" write different actions on popsicle sticks, such as "pretend your legs are spaghetti" and have one student pick an action for the class to do each time they transition! there's a list of actions at the website!

A Turn to Learn: Action Cup!

Really cute teaching ideas, brain sprinklers and quiet spray (super easy and inexpensive ways to help children be quiet and stay focused!)

Mrs. Karen's Preschool Ideas: 2011 New Classroom Ideas

Line Up Sing Alongs - Love this idea for classroom management. Transition times can be hard for Kinders. We sing a lot in my classroom, so I will definitely incorporate this idea this year.

First Last!: Line Up Sing Alongs

Dr. Jean's tricks for when "Shhhh!" does not work. These are great!

Dr. Jean & Friends Blog: Shhhhhh!

Preschool Song Booklet; i need to make one, i always forget all the songs that there are to choose from!

Preschool Song Booklet

Blowing pom poms along lines of tape on the floor

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Put several colors of food coloring into a container of ice cubes. When they are frozen, place two colorful ice cubes into a ziploc bag and give a bag to each child. Talk with your preschooler about mixing color combinations, and let your toddler enjoy the sensation of pushing the ice cube around the bag.

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Run to the shape called. Fun inside game! Could do with sidewalk chalk outside as well. Try with #'s or letters.

Tot School ~ Letter L - 1+1+1=1

The Ultimate Guide to Hands On Toddler Activities - Brittany Estes

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Rethinking calendar time

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Juggling With Kids: Candy Corn Footprints

Juggling With Kids: Candy Corn Footprints