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We love teachers! This board is dedicated to those overworked, underpaid professionals who work tirelessly to make quality child care happen. Here you can find…
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winter storybook favorites for kids to read
Children's Books About Winter: Top 15 Favorites
the logo for lessons for little ones building a love of learning with blocks and toys
Setting Up Your Early Childhood Classroom for Success - Lessons for Little Ones by Tina O'Block
the instructions for making and selling toys
Celebrating 4 Years of LMCC: Win a Classroom Activity Toolkit
Have you gotten moving yet on this incentive provided by Let's Move! Child Care (LMCC) and The Packard Foundation?! Win a Classroom Toolkit by Completing a LMCC Action Plan
a roll of toilet paper is hanging on the wall next to a trash bag holder
Interesting idea for inside the closet to easily access trash bags.
three plastic containers filled with crayons on top of a blue carpeted floor
Use crystal light containers for grab & go crayons, markers, & colored pencils.
No More Wasted Tape! Scrapbooks, Duct Tape, Organizing, Household
No More Wasted Tape - First For Women
No More Wasted Tape!
an image of a computer screen with books on the shelves in front of it that is lit up
Crackle bookshelves
How about this idea from We Are Teachers?! Use each colored shelf for different reading levels, instead of stickers and the books randomly mixed together.
a red and blue poster with the words, i teach what's your super power?
"I teach. What's your superpower?" #teachers #ece #education
an instagram page with several different colored purses in it
Organizing Kids Toys
Use zippered pencil pouches to organize #puzzles instead of storing the bulky boxes. Cut off the image from the front of the box and store it in the bag, too. #ECE
a young boy wearing a blue cap and gown with the words 50 nifty e o y awards
50 Nifty End-of-the-Year Awards -
50 Nifty End of Year Awards #ECE #Education
a bulletin board with lots of school supplies attached to the front and back of it
Truth For Teachers - Kindergarten photos from Mrs. Partin’s classroom
For teachers who do not have a desk or a lot of room to put their supplies. Using a shoe organizer does not take up room because it simply hangs. This is perfect for a smaller classroom. #ECE #Organization
a bulletin board with two hats and suspenders on it's sides, in front of a brick wall
2011-2012 035
Is there a piece of students' work you want to shine the spotlight on? If so, this is a great idea for your classroom!
a classroom rules sign with an image of a smiling face and two hands holding a heart
Classroom Management {and a freebie}!
#Preschool classroom rules chart. #ECE
a little minds sign sitting on top of a wooden table
"It takes a big heart to shape little minds." #ECE #Teachers #Education
an info sheet showing the different types of computers and their functions in each language, including text
Mentoring New Teachers
#Teachers #Mentoring #ECE