Athabascan Beadwork

Traditional beadwork of Athabascan Indians from Alaska and Canada. I am part Athabascan and learned to bead from my mom, who also does beadwork.
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Dene - Fort Chipewyan - 1880s

Athabascan beadwork by Brenda Mahan from Galena, AK 4/2/16 moosehide, porcupine quills and dentallium shells

Small pouch in the making in #Behchoko #Tlicho territory. #Beautiful #beadwork

Beaded Slippers with Beaver Fur by Alaska Beadwork

Pink Beaded Flowers on Hand Tanned MooseHide Mukluks with Beaver Fur

Athabascan beadwork by Madeline Krol scissor cases 2015

Athabascan beadwork by Madeline Krol 2015 scissor case

Tlicho Online Store Beadwork | Jane Weyallon, Behchoko, NT.


Dene Beadwork

Work in progress, beadwork by Brenda Mahan 3/30/2014

May 18, 20 14 - Athabascan beadwork by Brenda Mahan, from Galena, Alaska- bracelet

Rosemary Elemie | NWT Arts

Shannon Wilson | NWT Arts

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Lucy Ann Yakeleya | NWT Arts


Beaded Snowshoe Christmas Tree Ornament

Native beadwork

Tli cho art

Judy Lafferty | NWT Arts

Tli cho art

Shiny beadwork on top flap tobacco pouch; moosehide, size 11 delica beads, felt lined. $80. By Florence Moses.

Canadian Beaded Moosehide Wall Hanging : Lot 41