"I Believe" quotes...Military Style! I love these Audrey Hepburn quotes, click to The Patriotic Pam to see Military Style "I Believe" quotes.

Hi. After realising that I'd spelt almost everything wrong in my last one of these I'm going to stick with this: Hi. If you're a writing blog and I've followed you, it's for facetsoffiction (my writing blog, link is up there) so IF you want to follow...

I in no way shape or form deserve to have someone as caring, sweet, funny, amazing, incredible, smart, loving and all around perfect as you. Thank you and I owe u forever for how much U continue to do...

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I Have No Special Talent; I am Only Passionately Curious -Albert Einstein Despite all the memes that circulate Facebook, Albert Einstein actually did say this! Embrace curiosity daily. $12.50 Elementem Photography, canvas, available in 2 sizes, quotes, home decor, Albert Einstein, engineering, motivation, office art

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