IN THE YEAH!! BUT!!! It is not the case anymore in 2016 woman still face equality issues but men do now as well such as being a stay at home dad is frowned upon by other men, it's real shit!!

Omg do you know how scared I would be if my friend almost got ran over while I was on the phone with them?

Idk if they need a confidence boost...I just nod to signify that I'm picking up what they're putting down.

Now here is my question, why don't they drive over the grass and drive on the other road and get the fuck out of there

17 Times The Internet Called Out The English Language

Translation: You would not have, I would not have, It would not have. You are welcome. -- Well, I think I'd be scared 'cause I understand it, and I'm not even native speaker

36 Funny Pictures That Will Make You LOL

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Is this funny to you?! Considering I'm the f**king girl you all have been speaking about!! And his name stays out. Cuz in the end, I'm laughing and pointing at you! Karma metaphora! O btw, I do have several names, be careful for what you wish for!


It is important to remember that Mau is the word for cat in the ancient Egyptian language, when you say Egyptian language it refers to the Arabic language and the word cat in Arabic is kita not Mau.