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Beautiful unique waterfall in a forest, nature photography, quality print, waterfall, Romania, one of the most beautiful waterfalls

Nature photo of a beautiful unique waterfall in a thick forest. Taken in Romania, 45th degree parallel landmark.


This Other World © Marc Adamus 4 vertical 14mm shots stitched here for a 140-degree field of view across the Milky Way, photographed from my campsite at 3,500 meters in California's White Mountains in winter, where I was backpacking for 10 days, looking at the trees. This particular tree is probably about 2500 years old and 1000 years dead. It measured about 5 meters across. Although it doesn't look it, it was a beautifully crisp -15C when this photo was taken.


In Yosemite National Park there is a window in the month of February if the conditions are perfect, sunset light will only strike the waterfall....Wow!