Reuse - Recycle Bottle Caps

Bottle Caps one of the most littered items. Keep off the streets and into your projects
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Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

#Bottle, #Caps, #Fabric, #Plastic, #RecycledNecklaces Necklace made from plastic bottle tops and caps and fabric. ++ More information at Turquesa Pistachio facebook ! Idea sent by Turquesa pistachio !

Molly B. Right, Artist, bottle cap portrait

Bottle Caps - love this! I spy caps from water bottles, Coca-Cola, and maybe some milk jug caps too. This would make a great class project.

Bottle Cap Lady Bugs. Bottle caps, Acrylic Paints (black,white,red), Paint Brush, & Toothpick. Paint bottle cap with black paint. Once dry, add 2nd coat of black & let dry before continuing. About 1/5th down from one side, paint 2 red halves, leaving a black line down the middle of lady bug that gets wider at the bottom. Dip end of a paint brush in black & dot black spots on wing sections once the red is dry. Dip a toothpick into white paint. Dot 2 eyes on the top black section to resemble e...

Hanging potted plants using reused bottles! great idea!

Marilyn Monroe Bottle Cap Portrait #Artwork, #Beer, #Bottle, #Caps, #Mosaic, #Portrait

Bottle caps: not just for the garbage anymore!

plastic bottle top mural

#Art, #Caps, #Sculpture, #Upcycled

Paper Flower Tutorials


plastic dress

#Art, #Bottle, #Caps, #Recycled

bottle cap art

Bottle caps and broken rulers...found object pictures Gloucestershire Resource Centre

Once You See These You Will Never Look At Plastic Bottles The Same Way Again... WOW.

Bottle Cap Art

What Can You Make From A Plastic Lid?

Diy indigo project

art with plastic lids | Been saving plastic lids for over a year so we now have a lot of free ...

Rulers and Globes and Typewriters- oh my! Who doesn't love to repurpose / upcycle and decorate with vintage school and classroom items? Here are 20 fun DIY ideas everything from projectors to pencil sharpeners. #SadieSeasongoods

"Refrigerator Magnet Art".....Just when you think you've done it all with bottle caps try making these cute refrgerator magnets with them. A fun project for the family, they would make wonderful hand made gifts and stocking stuffers.

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