Reuse - Recycle Bottle Caps

Bottle Caps one of the most littered items. Keep off the streets and into your projects

Reuse - Recycle Bottle Caps

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recycle tennis ball containers - Google Search

DIY fabric bowl >> Adorable!

bottle lids

an amazing pop up mini book! amazing!

Folk Art Fish with Bottle Caps

2015-03-02 春休み初日は掃除の日。そして…怒り爆発〜!オリャー!!(ノ-o-)ノ ┫:・┫┻┠'. 3日に予定されてたクローゼット工事をドタキャンされました(怒) なかなか連絡つかなくて詐欺かと思い始めたところ、資材が届いてないので出来ませんとか… 契約違反なので、オーダーキャンセルか大幅割引の交渉を始めなければ…( ´・ω・`) #moleskinejp #moleskine #絵日記倶楽部 #RYOskine #絵日記 #お絵描き #モレスキン #MoleskineSketchbook

Reutiliza las tapitas de botellas

Upcycle: designer home goods created using a carefully measured mix of plastic bags and sawdust. #repurpose #recycle #kulladesigns


plastic and metal lids

resin pendants -- idea

Bottle Cap mirror

Windfarm: How to make a bottle cap table. been collecting for years - just need to find a table...

beer bottle coasters

Bottlecap bar top - I'd do this with rocks or shells or something else :)

Blue Dog Bottle Cap Art www.themississipp...

Bottle cap art: Artist, mom creates beauty from trash Rea

bottle cap mandalas

Bottle Cap Art Mural | And some close-ups...

Bottle Cap Art Mural | 4th Grade Bottle Cap Mural

Bottle Cap Art Mural | every cap counts-our bottle cap mural

Bottle Cap Art Mural | plastic lid murals | Plastic lids & Plastic Bottle Caps wall mural ...

Bottle Cap Art Mural | Pin it 2 Like Image

Bottle Cap Art Mural | Bottle cap mural displayed at Rolla Recycling Center