Reuse - Recycle Kitchen Stuff

Reuse - Recycle Kitchen Stuff

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Angel Garden Silverware Art

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Gary says that his sculptures are about things that he enjoys, “wildlife, welding, and humor.” | These Animal Sculptures Made Entirely Out Of Cutlery Will Amaze You

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The Bailey Family - found object art - Assemblages by Roberta

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Whirligig made from repurposed teapot and kitchen items - Whirligigs! Cool! I want to make several of this fun little things.

krys kirkpatrick design: Hutch Studio classes

herbs in teacups. great for kitchen counter space next to a window.

as easy...

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homemade dessert pan clock - find an old dessert pan, spray paint it, add clock hands

50 Clever New Uses for Old Things in Your Kitchen

40 Ideas of How To Reuse Tea Cup Artistically

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Off the Grid Living - Burying a freezer to use as a make-do root cellar.

Burying a Freezer

Curtain made of Nespresso coffee capsules

Curtain made of Nespresso coffee capsules | Recyclart

Chandelier made from a vintage teapot, tray, and cups.


Thrift store glass plates into garden flowers.

"Fall"ing for Vintage Flair

Lighting made from repurposed glassware.

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What happens when your family throws away an old refrigerator? This designer has an idea for re-using those old fridges: take the plastic from them to make chairs! A 3D printer squirts out the recycled plastic in one long, squishy string. Watch: #earthweek #earthday #recycle #STEM #kids #engineering #3D #3DPrinter

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The Chubby Chair: a 3D-printed chair made from recycled refrigerator plastic. The plastic is ground into a paste, then used to build up each of the chair's components layer by layer. Even the offcuts from the process are reused: they're turned into matching chubby coat hangers.

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blender lamp

Creative Reuse: Blender Turned Lamp

Reuse old blender for mint plant

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Turn an old Blender into a new Lamp.

DIY Blender Lamp

customized fridge

Un réfrigérateur décoré de fleurs

So cool!

Spikes Custom Paint -Welcome t

Hidden in plain sight Just add a lock to keep the kids out.

Airgun forum: Gun Safes..

Almost Anything Can Be Repurposed.

Look What I Made From Trash

Tea time clock - DIY idea

Mix and Chic: Home tour- A designer's eclectic and stylish home!