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    The Best Medicine

    The Best Medicine

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    El Dorado- Thor

    Just Tulio and Miguel....Wait... What?!

    Who's Line

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    Funny puns - DAD Jokes!

    Punny Animals | Funny As Duck | Funny Pictures

    Lauren - At the altar - The Catherine Tate Show - BBC comedy

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    Round two, Catherine Tate as Lauren - French exam - BBC comedy

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    Tom Hanks is awesome

    falconwing's shake


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    "Clean The Bathroom Like The Queen Of England Is Visiting." This is just too good.

    Clean The Bathroom Like The Queen Of England Is Visiting


    'Can it be I'm not meant to play this part?'
    • Sara Anne Stringfellow
      Sara Anne Stringfellow

      Omg killing me hahaha

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    The best and brightest

    You’re never too old to be a wizard…

    With my by myself

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    Elizabeth II

    The best pictures of the Queen…

    How to cuddle like you mean it - The Oatmeal. Click the link. I laugh hysterically every time.

    How to cuddle like you mean it - The Oatmeal


    The 25 Absolute Greatest Dad Jokes Of All Time


    That’s a movie I would watch…


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    Silly boys.

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    33 Harry Potter Jokes Even Muggles Will Appreciate

    so good

    Funny Pictures Of The Day - 50 Pics


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    Who you gonna call?

    "Awkwardly Sitting Cats." I laughed til I cried.

    Awkwardly Sitting Cats


    56 Life Lessons You Learned From John Green