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13 Protective Cases For Your Special Child's iPad Air 2

Grocery Scavenger Hunt Maybe use this for the Girl Scout Brownie Money Manager badge.

Ten Red Flags To Listen For At An IEP Meeting - AutismBeacon. I heard most of these at IEP meetings at Deerfield Elementary School!


Need a good visual to help explain ADHD? I found this awesome infographic from North Shore Pediatric Therapy. ADHD infographic Infographics are a wonderful way to provide a large amount of information. They are far more pleasing to the eye than a (boring) article or handout. Structure of the infographic …

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PhotoMind - Picture Reminders, To Do List, and Notes

I am the mother of four boys. Four funny, silly, crazy, dirty boys. On any given day, they can make me laugh, cry, yell and test my patience in ways I never even knew we’re possible. I always knew I wanted to be a mother. Always. But I don’t think …

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Love Boston!

Dr. Arun Mukherjee of UDAAN said the incidence of of #Autism Spectrum Disorder has grown from 1:10,000 to 1:65 or less in the modern-day society, while the cases of CP, MR, and many genetic Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (NDD) have remained fairly static. Changed lifestyle, food habits, #pollution, increasing use of potentially harmful drugs etc. may have some influence here.

My Child Has A Reading Disability. He’s Depressed. Can Music Therapy Help? | Reading & Other Learning Disabilities

Behavior and Classroom Management

Special Education Advocacy and Blog Maureen Finaldi, M.S Asktheadvocate.org

What is Effective Progress? Maureen Finaldi, M.S Special Education Advocate  I have been in many IEP’s meetings when the team is working together to  determine eligibility for a student with a disability, the flow chart comes out and the school team determines that based on the information the student …

10 Blogs for special needs parents

The best swim gear for kids with special needs - repinned by PediaStaff – Please Visit  ht.ly/63sNt for all our pediatric therapy pins

Those closest to us hurt us the most. Maybe it’s because they say foolish things in an effort to protect us or because they know us so well, they know what “button” to push to hurt us, or feel the freedom to speak too freely! Those in our outer circles, /p

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