Blood splatter.

Most of us grew up with the distinct impression that blood donation is a very humane act and helps to save the lives of many people.

Thriller that hits all the marks.

Thriller that hits all the marks.

The world's greatest detective...

The world's greatest detective.

Michael Connolly's Harry Bosch series

Here are three award-winning Harry Bosch thrillers, all voiced by standout Broadway veteran Len Cariou: The Narrows, Echo Park, and The Overlook.

Deconstructs to 8-part formula.

Un libro al día: Dennis Lehane: Shutter Island

Fantastic opening.

Gone Tomorrow by Lee Child

The brilliant Vachss.

I don't know of any other people in my group of family and friends who like Andrew Vachss, but this final Burke novel. Another Life: The Final Burke Novel (Burke Novels)

Jazz loving hitman.

Rain Fall (John Rain Series "best cool-killer hitman mystery since the Eiger Sanction"