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protein is a protective nutrient

Most common asked question of people on a plant-based diet! "Listen, we get all the protein we need from eating greens! No one in this country is lacking from protein deficiency or Kwashiorkor!

Main function of protein

Main function of protein

Excess Protein can result in damage to kidneys

Not emptying your bladder early: Not drinking enough water: Taking too much salt: Not treating common infections quickly and properly: Eating too much meat: Not.

Deficiency of protein results in muscle wasting

Sarcopenia / frailty in motion: As we age our skeletal muscles erode and our bodies begin to weaken. By lifting weights, you can delay this erosion and preserve your strength and physical freedom. So lets stay strong and together lets beat sarcopenia.

Good food sauces of protein

Weight Loss Article Regarding Protein via Fitness RX Women Magazine. random random workout-inspiration perfect-body just-do-it sexy-abs