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a man with curly hair and blue eyes is looking at the camera while wearing a brown outfit
Outlander Quote
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Author Sheri Richey
an open book sitting on top of a grass covered field next to a red tree
Author Sheri Richey
Live a little! Read a book. :-)
a card with a dog's face and the words, i actually believe that i own everything i pee on
I love my dogs
My dogs own everything except my books.
a quote that says don't compare your life to others there is no comparison between the sun and the moon they shine when its their time
15 inspirational quotes about life you need to read
15 inspirational life quotes you need to read. The best motivational quotes for any situation you find yourself in. When you need to a little pick-me-up or some comfort and reassurance turn to these inspirational quotes about life to make a difference to your world. Use the quotes as phone backgrounds or print them off for your bullet journal so you always have them with you. #lifequotes #inspirationallifequotes #inspirationalquotes #motivationallifequotes #bulletjournalquotes #phonebackground
Life is a flower
I love this quote! Maybe because I love flowers, and I love honey, and I love life! Victor Hugo's perspective reflects my own. Click here to find a book about a man with MS who finds love in an unexpected place.
a sticker with the words keep calm and read jane burton
Pembertea Shop | Redbubble
Keep Calm and Read Jane Austen Sticker
the words i'm a social vegetarian and i would meet in black ink on a white background
20 Hand Lettered Quotes, Big SMILES & Fun Finds! - Hello Lovely
20 Hand Lettered Quotes, Big SMILES & Fun Finds! #handlettering #amylatta #ihumor #introverts #quote
a chalkboard with the words, always be a little kinder than necessary by j m barry
21 Great Chalkboard Quotes
21 Great Chalkboard Quotes | How Does She