Tacoma WA
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My Apple Cinnamon Protein Shake Recipe! 1 scoop vanilla protein powder (I use Pro Fusion by Muscle-Link) 1 small apple (core removed) 1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk 1 teaspoon cinnamon cup ice cubes Blend well and enjoy! =) plus I LUV green apples

Typical...always looking for grass on the other side

I just want to be home, a place where i find peace and comfort. Where beauty is everywhere you look and is natural. The air is crisp and fresh. The only sounds you hear are animals and leaves blowing in the trees. Country roads take me home.

A single pine tree grows in a Winter Aspen Forest

ARTFINDER: Lone Pine by Dusty Demerson - I love working with contrast. I am naturally attracted to almost any type of contrast whether it's light/dark, tall/short, soft/hard or contrasting species o.