Which Disney Princess Would You Be Frenemies With?

movie still of Belle, and the footstool/puppy. Disney's 'Beauty and the Beast' - I just love this lil connection, that these two hav! it's so adorable.

Quiz: Which Belle Are You

Which Belle Are You? ~You’re Belle in her green dress! You’re willing to sacrifice your own happiness for the sake of others. You blaze your own path, and don’t conform to anyone else’s ideals. You manage to the find the beauty and joy in everything.

Caroline Hirons on "The importance of having an opinion. And voicing it." Thank you Caroline!

Princess Belle,Imprimir Free,Do

Disney Princess Wedding Gowns Exist & This is What Their Requisite Princesses Would Think of Them

do you ever read anything with like fights and wars and other cool stuff in it?" Yeah, winter's a long time and it was a big library, wtf did she e. So.