this would make a great disney princess tattoo sleeve :D This looks awesome! I mite have to paint it onto my wall I'm feeling it✌️

My Myers-Briggs personality type is ENFP and so is Rapunzel! This makes me happy! I love learning more about my personality type

someone's fanart, which I thought was adorable. jasmine, giselle, lilo and…

This is beautiful! (New island princess from the upcoming disney movie Moana!)<<<i always thought this was nani lol

dylanbonner: “ Here are all 12 pieces from my E! News exclusive illustration series! I’m super happy with how each piece turned out and that each character has managed to stay themselves despite.

What Do Your Favorite Disney Characters Reveal About You?

What Do Your Favorite Princesses Reveal About You? Take the quiz and find out. I got gentle and protective, how bout you?