Xion & Roxas

Kingdom Hearts (Xion & Roxas) - Love those two, its sad Xion is Fade away (maybe) more like they swing together, (I don't know Japanese, Pls Translate)

uploaded the doodle together with the as they belong to the same theme. I'm sorry for doing that, the last round of doodles was submitted in a rush and some problem happ.

Roxas after Xion's death (Kingdom Hearts days) Why am I doing this to myself?/// this game (and the books) made me cry so much omg And yet it's still my favourite

This game actually depressed me at times. Definitely the darkest of the series. Roxas goes through so much!<<I might say that Birth By Sleep is the darkest of the series, but this one is definitely one of--if not the most--heart wrenching.

Kiki's delivery sevice x Kingdom Hearts Days - They're so cute ! I love Axel's face !

DeviantArt: More Like 358 2 Days Wallpaper by leadmetowonderland

I actually like this trio better than sora, riku, and kairi.