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Love can give us wonderful moments in life and we should cherish them as they are precious moments.

Spice it Up: Make that Relationship Last

Expectations truly are premeditated resentment. And they rob us of having intimate marriages with our men. Expectations & Idols In Marriage When we have idols in our hearts…

The Top Contemporary Writers of Romance

The genre of romance has never gone out of style in the contemporary scene. Here are the five contemporary writers of romance that stood out.

The Best Classic Romance Writers

Being a romance writer is a challenging position especially in the contemporary romantic literature where stories, settings and plots have become cliché.

The Best Modern Love Book/Love Story in Contemporary Literature

Going through the love and romance genre, I have the privilege to choose what is the best story from this genre and share it to the readers.

Best Classic Love Stories that World Has Ever Embraced

Get to know the Best Classic Love Stories that the world has ever embraced. The greatest love stories that capture true love.

The Kind of Love Letter You Would Like to Receive

Looking for ways to rekindle your romance? These romantic gestures will surely bring the fire back in your relationship.

Things We Learn in Falling in Love

If you were hurting your partner every day without even realizing it, you'd want to know, right? I mean, no one wants to hurt their partners. But if you've ever come home one day to a partner who's mad at you for seemingly no reason, or who's especia

The Greatest Thing: To Love and Be Loved

The Greatest Thing: To Love and Be Loved - Carpe Diem

Writing Styles To Build a Believable and Solid Relationship In Your Novel

Men who kiss their wives in the morning are said to live 5 years longer. Are you as crazy about luscious lips as we are? Let us know your top lippy products for the ultimate pout.

What Made The 1980 Romance Theme Novels a Legendary Masterpiece

What Made The 1980 Romance Theme Novels a Legendary Masterpiece - Carpe Diem