One handsome Rooster!

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My Pet Chicken: Rhode Island Reds are the do-everything bird: they lay exceptionally well, they're valued for their meat, they're extremely cold hardy, and hardy in general.

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A little blue hen and her chicks popping out from under. #chickens

5 Self Blue Cochin Bantam Chicken Hatching Eggs NPIP

Awesomely pretty chickens! Rare English breed Lemon Millefleur Sablepoots

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Edna Woolard

Photo By Jeremy Blinkhorn

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What's the Deal With Black Chickens?

My hair on a bad hair day!!!!!

Funny - pixdaus

I never expected to repin a chicken, but this Silver Laced Polish Chicken is stunning. God sure made some beautiful creatures.

Acting Like Animals: Just Got My Hurr Did!

love this...

Sweet Peach - Home - Chicken Glam

Horned Grebe by Jan Sahlen

Nature - Week 10 Gallery - National Geographic Photo Contest 2011

Buff Polish

Chicken Breeds - Polish

Golden Laced Wyandotte Hen

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Herbal Health for Chickens (with remedies for various parasites)

Herbal Health for Chickens

Rhode Island

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sweet coop

Large Chicken Coop Designs & Pictures of Chicken Coops


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Medium Chicken Coop Designs & Pictures of Chicken Coops


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rustic coop... looks like my first coop did!!

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Chicken coop...

Blooming chicken coop!! - Garden Junk Forum - GardenWeb

Build a chicken feeder on the cheap

Build a chicken feeder on the cheep by Linda Slate

Trailer Park Chicken Coop

Options for Coops

Beautiful Coop.

My Mid-Life Crisis Coop

chicken coop

Josh & Tiff's Chicken Coop