Ryan Gosling

Today is a very special day.

Ryan Gosling - I have a terribly huge celebrity crush on this man.

Zac Effron

Zac Efron with facial hair. Zac Efron with facial hair. Zac Efron with facial hair.

:P Naughty bed

Rainbow Headboard

Man did I love rainbows as a kid. I would have died for a rainbow headboard!

This would be perfect for my apartment, that way my boyfriend and I wouldnt have to share the bathroom counter and I wouldnt have to sit on my counter to put makeup on lol

DIY make-up vanity from IKEA parts. Use a shelf and simple storage baskets to organize your make-up. Then finish with a glass top so you can see all of your make up, with easy access to the baskets.

Crazy Stupid Love.

Ryan Gosling ~ Emma Stone’s character in ‘Crazy Stupid Love’ said it all to Ryan's Jacob: “Seriously, it’s like you're photo-shopped.” We couldn’t agree more -- Ryan’s abs are on another level of hotness ~ Hollywood's Most Ab-tastic Stars

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Top 25 Pictures Of Ryan Gosling's Beard. Seriously, I'm not sure if there is anyone more beautiful in the world.

He knows just how hard the job of Special Education Teacher is. He gets us. And it's good to be understood. Check back often for updates on Hey Girl for the Learning Support Teacher!

katilda.com: hey gluten free girl

all I want for Christmas.is Ryan Gosling, best Christmas tree ever!

Ryan Goslin | GQ Cover 2011 - leader in men's fashion since Crazy, Stupid, Love.

This may be my favorite Hey Girl ever. Combines a great quote, Ryan Gosling, and hips.

I may piss some people off but can we please trade Tatum for Paul Walker and Goseling for Sung Kang

CeleBERRY patch (33 photos)

Channing Tatum, Adam levine, Ryan gosling & Joseph gordon -levitt I'll take them all to-go.

if I met a guy that looked THIS good in a suit, I'd marry him

Ryan Gosling in Blue Tux# evening suit# fashion suit# fashion style # I'm at Galla# bow tie# sapphire blue# tux shirt# tuxedo # celebrity style



Their parents should get an award for bringing the sexiest looking men into this world!

The Hemsworth boys. Their parents should receive an award for outstanding baby making! Just beautiful.

Efron, Tatum, Gosling, Gigandet, Lautner, Reynolds, Lutz, Somerhalder, and Cooper. WOW!

Ill take ALL of them :) 9 Sexiest Men Shirtless Zac Efron Channing Tatum Ryan Gosling Cam Gigandet Taylor Lautner Ryan Reynolds Kellan Lutz Ian Somerhalder Bradley Cooper.

Babywearing hottie, I mean, er, daddy (Cam Gigandet)

Stylish dad with baby sling.uh don't you mean hot dad with baby sling?

Bradley Cooper - like he needs an intro! LOL!

Afternoon eye candy: Bradley Cooper (31 photos)