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Danez feat Cheloo - Cantec de dragoste

Danez feat Cheloo - Cantec de dragoste

I like the writing tattoo on the right side....below the top ! Nice placement

The Women's Health Magazine Killer Kettlebells Workout Saved by the (Kettle)Bell Upper Body Kettlebell Workout The Kettlebell Fat-Burner Workout The Thailand Tush Workout

I now want a tattoo on the back of my thigh, that ass, and those bottoms

Under Butt Tattoos are downright sexy! Yes, these tattoos are soon gaining popularity among young girls that want to flaunt their sexy tooshies without bei

Marvin Silva - The Predator Tattoo

The Predator Tattoo by Marvin Silva - Done on a really cool client. This is also his first tattoo.

Alien, tattoo

A dark tattoo piece of a Xenomorph from H. Giger's Alien by artist Andy Engel.