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pinturas, gravuras, desenhos

A rare art deco spelter lamp Temple Dancer ~ France ~ by Limousin ~ 1920's

Saint Ursula of Cologne and Four Virgin Martyrs, ca. 1500, South Netherlandish. Oak, polychromy and gilding.

Paris, c.1406. The influence of Venus

God as Architect/Builder/Geometer/Craftsman, from: The Frontispiece of Bible Moralisee, mid-13th century

Domenikos Theotopoulos (El Greco), The Baptism of Christ, 1608-1628, oil on canvas. Completed after the artist's death by the his son Jorge Manuel. This painting was completed at the end of El Greco's life which happened to fall around the end of mannerism and the beginning of baroque. Although some of his techniques reject traditional baroque, his use of tenebrism to depict a dramatic scene is just as baroque as Caravaggio's paintings.

Caravaggio tells Mary’s story: The Annunciation (c. 1608-10); The Adoration of the Shepherds (1609); The Adoration with St. Francis and St. Lawrence (1609);The Rest on the Flight into Egypt (1597); Madonna and Child with Saint Anne (c. 1605/6); Madonna of the Rosary (1607); Madonna di Loreto (debated c. 1603-6); The Entombment of Christ (1602/3); and The Death of the Virgin (1606). Do you guys know how much I love Caravaggio? He is basically my favorite artist

caravaggio, giuditta e oloferne, 1598, roma, galleria nazionale d'arte antica

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Famine, Plague, War, and Death represented by four men riding colourful horses. 1109. A demon or mythical beast waves its arms, lower right. From the Silos Apocalypse. Add 11695, fol.102 v. The British Library.

The Batlló Majesty close up. 12th-century Romanesque polychrome walnut wood carving, willow, elm and holm oak with polychrome tempura. Recent studies have revealed the pigments used to produce the colors: the red from cinnabar and the blue from lapis lazuli. Both pigments were very expensive and the sculpture is believed to have come from a studio of some importance perhaps the studio around the monastery of Ripoll. Catalonia | Europe

Narcissus (1579) by Caravaggio - This painting is actually one of the only two paintings that Cravaggio has done that was based on a theme from Classical mythology. The story is about Narcissus, who is a boy that falls in love with his own reflection. Being he couldn’t tear himself away from the reflection, he dies because of his passion.

Cenni di Pepo, or Cimabue (1240-1302) The Flagellation of Christ (1280), Tempera on poplar panel. Byzantine painter took a fundamental step towards Renaissance art by introducing more realism into his paintings. Dante refers to him in The Divine Comedy as an artist who was 'believed to hold the field in painting' only to be eclipsed by Giotto's fame. According to Giorgio Vasari in his work 'Lives of the Most Excellent Painters, Sculptors and Architects', he was the teacher of Giotto.

Théodule-Augustin Ribot "Cimabue Teaching Giotto to Draw"

O cão que comeu o livro...: Leitor jovem vestido de peles / Young reader by Jules-Claude Ziegler

December By Lena Kashigin.

Vintage Russian Jade Vase with Silver Gilt Cat

Fernando Botero - The Old Maid (and her cat) - Oil painting, 1974

Inspirational The Blue Living Room At Fleskum Christian Eriksen Skredsvig

Christian Skredsvig (1854-1924):

Christian Skredsvig (1854-1924): The Milkmaid with Cows, 1884

Christian Skredsvig (1854-1924): Aften på innsjøen', 1892

Idyll by Christian Skredsvig, 1888

Guy and Speck, 1980-1981 Lucian Freud