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Mapas Mentales

Un mapa mental es un diagrama usado para representar las palabras, ideas, tareas, u otros conceptos ligados y dispuestos radialmente alrededor de una palabra clave o de una idea central. Se utiliza para la generación, visualización, estructura, y clasificación taxonómica de las ideas, y como ayuda interna para el estudio, planificación, organización, resolución de problemas, toma de decisiones y escritura.

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The Corporate Environment Policy Mind Map will help you to understand key areas of environment policy such as balancing business opportunities with the environment, objectives for pollution and waste management, supplier partnerships and organizational procedures. In addition the mind map covers tools for measuring and auditing. More mind maps @

Mind maps are used to generate, visualize, structure, and classify ideas, and as an aid to studying and organizing information, solving problems, making decisions, and writing.

Dimension Mind Map created by Paul Foreman. The Dimension Mind Map will help you to appreciate some of the infinite areas of dimension. The Mind Map breaks down examples such as space, mass, density, motion and vastness. In addition the mind map covers distance and size, complexity, shapes, groups, clusters, waves, reach, extent, 360º, 3D, turns, spirals, coils and curls and also the dimension of thought. More mind maps @

Buildings and Nature mind map created by Paul Foreman. The Buildings and Nature Mind Map will help you to discover ways in which our buildings might combine with nature to help the environment. The Mind Map breaks down the possible introduction of more grass, greenery and plants, around, within and outside our buildings. In addition the Mind Map highlights introducing water collection systems, solar panelling and the potential of creating relaxing gardens... More mind maps @

Designing a Mind Map created by Marion Charreau. The Designing and Producing a Mind Map in the French School of the Heuristic Mind Map will help you to improve your mind maps and create impact. The Mind Map breaks down paper, branches, words, images, colors, script and equipment. In addition you will discover how to merge form and substance. The Mind Map is by Marion Charreau and Frédéric Le Bihan. More mind maps @

Organizing a Party mind map created by Marion Charreau. The Organizing a Party Mind Map will help you and your students to have a global vision of your work. The Mind Map breaks down vocabulary of the party, past tenses and object complement. In addition there are some examples of how to adapt this workshop to different levels. More mind maps @

Caring for a Human Mind Map created by Tony Buzan. The Caring for a human Mind Map will help you to appreciate the primary areas of being human and caring for the body. The Mind Map breaks down attitudes and actions dietary and nutritional and exercise, including ways and methods of caring for the body both within and without. More mind maps @

Lucidchart lets you create mind maps, venn diagrams, flowcharts, and many other academic charts. You can collaborate with peers as well to create a chart together in real-time.

Mapas Mentales y su Relación con el Marcador Pearltrees