Ne pas boire et conduire - bouchon de la bouteille de bière . très créatif et génial . la pub est très puissante et envoie un bon message .

Serious advertising

Media Don't Drink and Drive Beer Bottle Cap. Very creative and awesome. Thought went into this but it is very powerful and sends a good message.

Design não é nada se não for Smart - created via

Design não é nada se não for Smart


3 prints minimalistes contre l’alcool au volant

Un bel homme qui sait choisir sa cravate, c'est à croquer... / By E. Marinella.

Marinella Ties (it gets a little repetitive towards the end. Should have maybe left out the chocolate and one of the espressos. But still pretty amazing.

Agence Tabasco, Estonie

This ad is for Rademar running shoes and says "Reveal your inner runner". The image is very captivating and is a great example of a print ad. It draws attention to the viewer to look closer and see what the somewhat graphic is actually about.


PUBLICITE : classic vintage

Vintage clothing is always coming back in some form or another. Half of the fashion that we as consumers are currently interested in has already been popular at least once before. The images portraying famous statues wearing clothes makes this point.


Les 6 meilleures publicités françaises de la semaine

Advertisement by Grey, India

Print advertisment created by Grey, India for Fortis, within the category: Health.