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Amsterdam  ·  Educator Opleidingen: trainingen op gebied van Social Media, online marketing, internetmanagement en internettechnieken. Mail:
Educator Opleidingen
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'Geek Love,' The New York Times, newspaper article, 2008 Exposed to Dungeons & Dragons Early in Life. Art Direction: Brian Rea Exposed to Dungeons & Dragons Early in Life.

Nueve pasos para tener una mejor comunicación en el Social Media

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Some romances are all fire and ice (feisty Scarlett O'Hara to Rhett Butler's unflappable hero); others feature two cool characters who just jell, like a Fred Astaire-Ginger Rogers number. Such is the case with eye-catching emerald green -- the shade of the gemstone thought to be favored by Venus, the goddess of love -- and serene aquamarine. The pair look natural almost anywhere, whether playing off each other on a menu card or coloring the blooms on a tie. Lighten things up with notes of…

A mossy ring pillow would look fetching at an outdoor affair. To make: Glue green ribbon around an ice-cream-pint top. Glue green felt to bottom. Arrange spike moss in top. Anchor ribbon to moss with floral wire. Slip rings through ribbon;