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    India Culture and Hindi Language

    Ideas about India including Learning Hindi, Diwali, Holi and more with Kids. You can find more ideas on The Educators' Spin On It here

    India Culture and Hindi Language

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    DIY Stamps with Designs from India. A fun way to explore mandalas designs and rangoli resigns for Diwali.

    diwali diwali

    DIY Stamps with Designs inspired by India. Plus a fun way to create a Diya as you learn about Diwali with kids.

    How to make your own Diya for Diwali with kids. A fun way to explore holidays around the world with kids.

    Make your Own Diyas for Diwali. Using Cardamom scented Playdough and beads to celebrate the festival of lights and learn more about India.

    DIY Diwali Diyas. Learn about the Diwali and create your own Diyas with Kids and you discover more about this Hindu festival.

    Slow Cooker Butter Chicken - Skip the take-out and try this super easy, lightened-up creamy butter chicken right in the crockpot!

    Craving a bit of spice in your life? These samosas are a popular Indian snack. Dough filled with a spicy potato and pea mixture are the perfect snack to have with tea.

    Learn about Diwali: why and how it is celebrated, common cultural elements, and see videos of the celebration. Multicultural lessons for kids.

    Let's Learn about India with Kids including some fun recipes and crafts!

    Learning about India: The Lotus Temple and Sacred Geometry |

    Poppy the Proud: Indian Fable and Peacock Craft | Multicultural Kid Blogs

    Free Elephant Coloring Pages for Adults - Easy Peasy and Fun

    Crafty Moms Share: Indian Crafts

    Vegetable Samosa - The most famous of Indian Snacks. A delicious veggie filling and a crispy n crunchy exterior. Perfect with a cup of hot chai.

    Discover India with a Bollywoord inspired Party and tons of India themed kids activities

    Homemade Naan (with step-by-step photos)

    Celebrating Holi with Family and Friends with Kids. Exploring India and this coloful Hindu Festival.

    Food Paradise India: Full Documentary [1]

    This is my favourite butter chicken recipe - the sauce is so flavourful you'll want to lick your plate. And it's easy!

    Fun, Food and Frolic: Naan (Without Yeast) Recipe

    DIY Paper Marigold Flowers for Dussehra & Diwali

    Video about Diwali for Kids plus Activities Ideas

    Make your Own Diyas for Diwali

    DIY Stamps with designs inspired from India