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DIY + Making + Writing. Use this summer to connect with other educators and learn new skills to bring to your classroom next fall.
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Exploration Design Challenge

NASA is offering an Exploration Design Challenge for kids K-12. They are looking for innovative answers to real-life questions about the journey to Mars.

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Maker Ed’s Resource Library is a dynamic and interactive digital archive intended to help educators and facilitators from all backgrounds get started –– and continue –– making in education.

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Are You a Maker? 5 School Resources for the Maker Movement

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In order for teachers to encourage student innovation, they need the freedom to be innovative as well. Eight ways school leaders can support faculty who want to develop engaging curriculum.

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Snip, Burn, Solder, Shred is a geeky toy-making and craft book, stuffed with projects like sewing a stuffed sock squid, building a steam-powered milk-carton boat, soldering an oversized joy buzzer, and crafting working boomerangs.

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Converting a metal-frame based IKEA PS 2014 wardrobe into a maker space. Pretty amazing!

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