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Writing 101.

Pens, pencils and keyboards ready! We've compiled some of the best resources to make the ideas of young writers flow.

Monica Burns some great recommendations for apps and online resources related to poetry.

A nice visual to remind students to revise their own work and pay attention to written accuracy.

"Writing Superhero Conclusions with the Phantom Endings Exercise" blog and lesson plan from English teacher Caroline Trull.

Beth Holland of EdTechTeacher introduces the concept of Writing 3.0, which is what happens when we redefine the writing process with iPads.

One-Minute Papers: A Way to Further Design Thinking Across Subjects.

Help students use synonyms in their writing. Rest in peace, "said".

201 writing prompts to inspire young writers.

  • Heather Wright

    Thanks so much for pinning this link to my website. Hope you find the resources useful.

Learn tips from this educator about teaching narrative writing.

Persuasive Essentials Poster for Persuasive Writing.

NoRedInk is a free website that allows students to practice grammar with sentences based on their interests.

[Writing Prompts] If your students don't know what to write about, they can go choose a prompt from the jar.

  • Anna Church

    I always used these when I taught and they are great! Check it out Hug-A-Bug fans!

[Visual] How are you writing today? Expressing different emotions through writing.

  • Lisa Higham

    This is the work of Dr. Andrew Wales, an amazing art teacher in Northeastern Pennsylvania and a teacher consultant of the Endless Mountains Writing Project.

  • Cheryl Ritani

    this will help our boys identify themselves and relate to the poster

How do you write ethos, logos and pathos based on a milk carton? Learn how to write the three rhetorical proofs with 21st century authentic texts.

[Idea] Elementary students can create this grammar flip book to help them track different types of words.

Read this middle school teacher's perspective of the power of project-based writing in the classroom.

Here's a creative way to teach students how to "hook" the reader. :)

[Writing Prompt] This tiny turtle is giving a speech. What is he saying? Who is he speaking to?

Check out this great list of free open educational resources (OERs) for writing.

Update students' vocabulary with these alternative ways to write "said" in plot summaries or stories.

Searching for your writer's voice? Learn how you can substitute free writing analyzers.

"What would you do if you found a pair of magical shoes?" "Write a story about a robot that does your homework." You can use these and create others for 101 writing prompts in a jar. Great way to get students started writing at the beginning of class.

Tag! You're it! Try this easy 3 step process for peer editing.

Are your students writing the same words over and over? Here are some helpful antonyms for the word "went." :)

Read this motivated student's advice to writing instructors.

Discover how to build reading and writing skills with music in the classroom.