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Chicago Haunted Tour Locations of Archer Ave and more

Chicago Ghost tour of locations in the S.W. Suburbs among Archer Avenue an area I have lived in all my 50 plus years and have assisted Chicago ghost tours with their bus tours in the area.

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Chicago Haunted Tour Locations of Archer Ave and more

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Haunted Bachelor's Grove Cemetery - First time Paranormal Collection Porker Cards with unique private photos by Edward Shanahan

Haunted Senator John Humphrey House Poker Playing Cards with unique photo done by Edward Shanahan

Poker Standard Index Landscape

Haunted Archer Avenue Poker Playing Cards can be yours with unique photos taken by Edward Shanahan.

Poker Size Black Four Collage

New Chicago paranormal activity going on in S.W. Suburbs?

New Chicago paranormal activity going on in S.W. Suburbs?

Haunted Archer Avenue Tour - includes the Grime Sister's Grave Site. Article I wrote and video tour of locations of Archer Avenue. by Edward Shanahan

Haunted Archer Avenue, Willow Springs, IL - The Stretch of Death

Photo of the Madonna of Bachelor's Grove Cemetery and woman's face on video.. article and video by Edward Shanahan

This Amazon Kindle book, I discuss my experiences of Haunted Archer Avenue and much more. Taking The Paranormal and Spiritual World Seriously. Theories - Thoughts - Experiences - Kindle edition by Edward Shanahan. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @

Richard Crowe remembered during Chicago Halloween Season. The one individual who is the person that discovered the hauntings of Archer Avenue and Chicago. All in this article..

Richard Crowe remembered during Chicago Halloween Season

Podcast of Haunted locations visited list by Edward Shanahan and includes Haunted Archer Avenue locations on this paranormal podcast of The Unexplained World | #Paranormal #Podcasts #free

Grimes Sisters murders solved? Could very well be answered with who did it. This is one of the locations included on the Haunted Archer Avenue tour here on Pinterest.

Speakeasy Paranormal Ghost Hunt Video at the Irish Legend on Archer Avenue with crew from Kiss Fm radio station with Chicago Paranormal Host and Medium Edward Shanahan

This is a photo that was taken by Edward Shanahan at Haunted Archer Woods Cemetery and in the photo with a close up, appears to be a Spirit or Angel. by Edward Shanahan

Grimes Sister's haunted murder location & Archer Ave haunted locations - tour.

Free app to download allowing you to take a free Chicago paranormal tour visiting the locations in person or on the device you download it to. The free app is called: Chicago Haunted Archer Avenue Tour and can be downloaded for free. 16 legendary locations with six of them being cemeteries to visit in person or view with this free app. Each location includes an audio description and some history along with a photo of the location and a map for each stop.

Chicago Haunted Archer Avenue Tour that is an audio and photo tour of 16 haunted locations on Archer Avenue and surrounding areas. The tour includes 6 cemeteries.

Geogad Stop - Haunted Mausoleum at Resurection Cemetery

This is just a peek of what is to come, click on it and should take you to the audio tour of this stop.

  • Robin Wardle
    Robin Wardle

    Edward, I remember the most scary place in Chicagoland when I was a teen -- Peabody's tomb. You could add this to the tour. I have been there recently and it isn't scary to me anymore however.

  • Edward Shanahan
    Edward Shanahan

    There will be other locations Robin coming soon.

  • Robin Wardle
    Robin Wardle

    Great! I will be watching!! :-))

Haunted Ashbary Coffee House, a Haunted Coffee House in Willow Springs, IL and is called Ashbary Coffee House, It is the location while under the original owners that I got my start in front of public and the rest is history. The woods behind the area of building is very active.

  • stepfenia martin
    stepfenia martin

    It look like it haunted

  • Kathie Kennedy
    Kathie Kennedy


  • Maryam Ghafoor
    Maryam Ghafoor

    Their chocolate ice-cream is DEE-LISH!

Old Willow Shopping Center is like stepping back in time. Also spirits of mother and child is seen on the second level and the woods behind the buildings are not for the weak of heart. I wandered the woods from behind the buildings on the second level.

I & M Canal, a one time home of many dumped cars and a body or two. The location listed here is the place to park and then walk over to the canal area. Do not trespass.

The Irish Legend in Willow Springs, IL. Many paranormal nights have been held at this location by Chicago Paranormal Host and Psychic Medium Edward Shanahan. A location that was one of many Speakeasies in Willow Springs, IL. Just that this one is haunted and sitting in front of a ridge that at one time named after an Indian Chief.

  • Float Rooms USA
    Float Rooms USA

    For whatever reason it seems that "people" from the 1920's speakeasy era are the ones that are often "stuck" or "staying" here.

  • Edward Shanahan
    Edward Shanahan

    Visiting is more like it and this location is active but once owners start stretching what goes on, it seems that is when the change of owners usually happens. Irish Legend is the 5th owner I have worked with one way or another.

Haunted Willowbrook Ballroom in Willow Springs, IL. The location that Resurrection Mary comes to dance at.

Clock tower in Fairmont Hills Cemetery in Willow Springs, IL. They say around the clock tower there is paranormal activity that can be picked up with paranormal investigation tools. If you open the door you may be in for a surprise with what is there. Music at times can be heard coming from the clock tower.

Red Gate Woods is a location I picked as when you pull up to the area you basically are in the center of the area of Archer Avenue I call the Stretch of Death, between St. James Cemetery and Fairmont Hills Cemetery. Pay attention to the number of road side memorials on between the two cemeteries.

Red Gate Woods - Willow Springs, IL

Saint James Cemetery in Willow Springs, IL is also known as Monk's Castle and yes it is haunted. Just venture in to the back of the cemetery and the far back fence with the huge Irish headstone. Bring your camera and meters if you have them.

Grimes Sisters location that their bodies were found. It is said that the sound of a car door slamming and taking off at a high rate speed can be heard. To get to this location that is not showing up on the map, once you leave the Healing Waters, make a left on to German Church Road and the location will be on your right side before you arrive to County Line Rd.

  • Maria Pearson
    Maria Pearson

    Its very errie when you pass by it during the day, but at night it is not at all a place to be..

  • Kate Bruggenschmidt
    Kate Bruggenschmidt


The location is the historic Native Americans Healing Waters located in Willow Springs, IL. The Native Americans knew that they came to the area because of the boulders being laid from North to South and the circle of boulders would hold the ceremonial flame. The Native Americans would come to this location to be cared for until healed. The supernatural activity that individuals have reported is that there are nights that drumming and chanting is being heard

Lithuanian National Cemetery is listed here as a stop because of the unique cemetery headstones this beautiful cemetery has. Many of the headstones have a bronze bust of the head of the individual in the headstone. This is unique as I never seen anything like that in cemeteries.

Archer Woods Cemetery a haunted cemetery that is starting to become what Bachelors Grove Cemetery used to be with paranormal activity. Bring your cameras and recorders and attempt some EVP's near the crypts.

Bethania Cemetery is part of the haunted areas on the S.W. Side. Enter the cemetery and you will know the feeling of the presence of the spirit world with many of the grave going back in to the 1800s.

  • Shekeia Griffin
    Shekeia Griffin

    My mom loves in a haunted house.I have a couple pics she'd taken last year!!

Haunted Chet's Melody Lounge, location that Resurrection Mary has been seen running in to from the roadside.

  • Meleen Hartwig
    Meleen Hartwig

    had to repin--it just looks like somewhere back home to this Midwesterner transplanted to TX)

Resurrection Cemetery, home of Resurrection Mary, the ghost that wanders the roads of the S.W. Suburbs. The haunted mausoleum at Resurrection Cemetery. Have actually heard police responding to location at 1am in the morning as the lights come on and go off on their own. Police report all doors are locked and no one 'living' inside.

Resurrection Cemetery