Edwin Garcia

Edwin Garcia

Whoville Boston!! / Dunkin them Damn Donuts
Edwin Garcia
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If I have my students cooking Spanish foods and/or desserts I can use this as one of the recipes that they could use.

Horchata is maybe an acquired taste for some, but I LOVE it! Horchata Cupcakes by The Foodies' Kitchen for David :)

This could be us but you play Xbox!

"gamer couples want this!" If you can call yourself a 'gamer couple' you must already HAVE this.


Another reason why Deadpool is awesome. Deadpool loves duct tape and sings about it. ^duct tape IS pretty cool :) XD

"How do you feel about a Star Wars themed #office? Pretty much my hubby's office space!

Funny pictures about Light saber room decoration. Oh, and cool pics about Light saber room decoration. Also, Light saber room decoration photos.

Avengers: We made $192 million opening weekend. Jurassic World: We made $210 million opening weekend. Harrison Ford as Han Solo from Star Wars "The Force Awakens" says, "Amateurs!!! We crashed the internet with an 88 second trailer." Rocks!!!

Star wars 7 is gonna be the biggest movie of all time. Avengers' teaser trailer got like twice the views