♥BLU♥ 86 I love the song of a Peacock as he calls for his mate, I believe it is the most beautiful sound in nature... it's kind of like a train whistle on a foggy night... or rain... relaxes me and makes me feel at ease... you know, 'heavy sigh'...

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KAONTMCI Oriental Traditions 10 - Imperial Peacocks - Cinnamon/Gold US $10.75 gold metallic highlights, this large scale design will make a stunning centerpiece in a special project. Larger peacocks are about 17, with gold metallic, from the Oriental Traditions 10 collection by Robert Kaufman Fabrics. Because of the large repeat, please order a minimum of 1 1/4 yards to guarantee receiving a full repeat of the pattern.

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Peacock by Henrik Laursen

Beautiful Art Nouveau ring in yellow gold enameled green and blue - two birds facing each other, set with a jadeite cabochon jadeite.

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